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When it comes to getting things done why do we often find that we are stuck learning or trying to understand something while the days and weeks tick by and we find we’re not any closer to our goals? This is where frustration kicks in and the more this happens and the more we try to take in the more we feel overwhelmed – it’s a vicious cycle!

In this article I want to share with you the single most important factor to eliminating overwhelm and help you to move towards your goals faster than ever before.

What I’m going to teach you is how to eat an elephant… This is what one of my mentors taught me and was the single biggest change in my mindset and the way I did things that helped me get rid of overwhelm once and for all!

Ok so you have a task you want to achieve, be it starting a business, learning a new skill or whatever it may be. And lets face it… it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. With the amount of information out there, especially on the Internet with various opinions and what you should and should not do, sometimes you just don’t know what the right way forward actually is.

Here’s the first thing I want you to do.

Focus on just one thing at a time.

Maybe this is common sense or you’ve heard it by others but it’s for a reason. If your jumping from one thing to another you are going to be giving yourself a hard time to get anything done at all. Break whatever it is you want to get done down into bite size pieces, and then focus on one of those at a time. Once you’ve completed one move onto the next. Simple right?

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Next you want to end your day before you start it.

What I mean by that at the end of the day write down everything you want to achieve tomorrow so you can switch off and come back to that list knowing exactly what needs to be done. You’ll get in a habit of being more productive and not remember half way through an important task that you need to get something else done which takes you away from that.

To add to that, when your writing your things down this is where you can plan out the times to learn that new skill or developing that idea. Dedicate an hour or however long you can commit to getting into that task.

But what’s most important here is that for example, if I wanted to learn a new marketing technique I don’t want to spend the next 60 days learning that for an hour a day before I start to execute on that new skill. This is where most people go wrong…

Make sure you are scheduling time to EXECUTE on what you want to learn.

If you schedule an hour to learn, schedule an hour to execute on what you have learned.

What you’ll actually find is that you will learn more from executing on what you have learned than spending an hour learning from articles, training courses or whatever it is.

This way you don’t just become a perpetual student and actually find yourself getting things done and not have that feeling of overwhelm or being frustrated that your not getting anywhere.

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Most people either try to learn everything in the shortest time possible or take to long to execute.

Learn to eat an elephant… One bite at a time!Scott Taylor-McCormick is a Digital Entrepreneur, Marketer and Mentor who has built a successful internet business from scratch that he run’s from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.  He is passionate about inspiring other young entrepreneurs to do the same by sharing knowledge and guidance on the topics of self improvement, working from home and using the power of the Internet to create a “lifestyle business.” To discover how Scott can help you to create YOUR ultimate lifestyle business, CLICK HERE where you will receive a complimentary 7-day online video series.

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