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Working with a remote team presents unique challenges. Coordinating schedules and keeping in touch is vital for making sure projects are done well and on time. Technology can help, but it can also make us feel like we’ve never been further apart. To bring everyone together, you can show care to your team with employee gifts under $10. 

Just as important is showing love to your remote employees, which boosts morale and fosters loyalty. Although it’s a good idea at any time, it’s particularly important during the COVID-19 pandemic. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world, and looking out for your employees can help comfort them as they navigate this storm.

Adding Thoughtfulness to Your Team at Home

Recently, I felt inspired after listening to virtual keynote speaker and gifting expert John Ruhlin, CEO of The Ruhlin Group. Ruhlin talked about strategic gifting during the coronavirus outbreak as a way to create closer relationships with your teams.

Here are my favorite ways to give something special to the VIPs of my business, and these employee gifts are under $10:

7 Employee Gifts Under $10: 

1. Think About Their Family and Spouse

With many restaurants closed, families are spending a lot more time in the kitchen. Why not help them enjoy it? Cooking is a lot more fun with high-quality cookware.

Gift a personalized knife set or other Cutco kitchenware to aid your employees in their culinary efforts. All Cutco items are guaranteed forever and, with more than 100 products in its lineup, they’re the ultimate continuity gifts. You can even engrave an ice cream scoop!

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2. Help Them Add Color to Their Home

With stunning glassware and home decor made from recycled wine bottles, one look at Refresh’s Instagram account will have you oohing and ahhing. Its custom engraved sets will delight connoisseurs and socialites alike. Once stay-at-home orders are lifted, employees can show them off at a celebratory dinner party. 

3. Upgrade Their Home Office

When working from home, most people have to furnish their own home office. This often means employees will settle for less when it comes to buying equipment for their workspace to cut costs. 

Help your employees out by giving their workspace a stylish upgrade. Ask what they need: Maybe it’s some organizing folders, a better webcam for Zoom meetings, or just a new favorite pen. UGMonk’s work-from-home line includes elegant desk organizers, journals, mouse pads, and more. Choose something they’ll want to hold onto well beyond the pandemic.

4. Support Their Hobbies

Working from home day after day can be monotonous. You’ve probably already finished watching “The Office” for the third time. The ho-hum drudgery of this quarantined lifestyle can lead to burnout, fatigue, and even depression. It’s important to add a little flavor to your employees’ lives.

You can help your employees keep their spirits up by sending them gifts that will help them pursue a favorite hobby. Send a paint set to your creative-minded employees or a good book to read while unwinding after the day is done.

5. Encourage Team Spirit

Your business likely has a number of T-shirts, hats, and hoodies emblazoned with its logo laying around. Why not use them for a fun competition? 

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Send a family set to each team member. Ask them to recreate a scene from a movie or television show. Encourage people to take and share photos of the scene on social media, and award a prize to the employee who pulls it off best. 

6. Handwrite a Note

There’s nothing more thoughtful than a handwritten note. It doesn’t take much time to express sincere gratitude for everything your employees do. At a time when face-to-face interaction is limited, this is a great way to thank your team in a way that’s personalized to each individual.

7. Promote Healthy Habits

Show that your employees’ well-being is important to you by prioritizing their health. Coronavirus may be a physical health issue, but it isn’t the only one that remote workers should be worried about. Weeks of isolation can take a real toll on mental health. Staying home can cause people to skip exercise, which helps to keep both the mind and body sharp. 

Standing desks are a great gift to boost productivity while benefiting your team’s overall health. You can also send your employees workout videos to inspire them or a custom Corkcicle to help them stay hydrated.

When selecting a gift, keep each team member in mind. Send each person something she’ll appreciate. Your entire team will be grateful you took the time to think of them.

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