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Business LeaderTo be successful in business you need to be a leader of people, a person who sets an example that others want to follow. This is something I found out very quickly when I started my first business. On day one I had one employee and within minutes I was asked, how do you want me to handle….!

I was off and running, I had to give direction and show how I wanted things to be done. A quick lesson in what leadership is all about. This came home to me more and more when I employed larger number. My example had to be one that people wanted to believe in and follow. My mind turned to successful leaders in the military, politics and religion. All of whom had great success because they could make people believe in their leadership.

Soon it will be your turn and here are some tips that will help.

1. Believing

You need to make people believe in you. Not simply by saying great catch phrases, but more by your actions. Good actions set good examples. People must believe that your leadership has the qualities that will lead them to success.

2. Enthusiasm

You will get supportive and dedicated staff because your enthusiasm and belief in your business will impress and motivate others to follow your direction. Enthusiasm rubs off, think of a coach that makes you run faster when you thought you could not.

3. Your Team

Always choose people who have your beliefs, desires and ambitions. If you do this you will get 100% support, and more, when you need it.

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4. Knowledge

Completing every job successfully and satisfactorily must be your aim. Your efficiency and knowledge of every department in your business is what will drive the business to success. Successful business people and entrepreneurs know all about their business and can perform every function. This impresses employees and creates more belief in you.

5. Evaluating

Your knowledge lets you judge employees performance and if they are good at it. Knowing all job functions also gives you peace of mind should anyone decide to leave you, be ill, go on vacation. Knowing your business well is the best insurance.

6. Guidance

As the Boss you will be the leading light, your attitude, is what will be seen by your employees as the direction for future success. Never ask anyone to do anything that you would not do yourself. Good business practices start from the top, give clear understandable guidance. Employees should be a mirror reflection of your attitude towards your business.

7. Professionalism

Act in a positive and professional manner at all times. A casual approach to your business will show employees this is the way you want your business to be run. You set the scene.      Always be polite, but firm, do not raise your voice and give clear instructions that can be understood. Treat employees with respect; let them know they are appreciated when they do a good job. Please and thank you are vital comments.

8. Limitations

To be a good boss you must understand the capabilities of others, it is important to stretch your employees within ‘their capabilities’, not ‘yours’!

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9. Customer Service

Set a good example when dealing with customers. The first point of contact with a business is usually the telephone make sure that the person who answers your phone is a pleasant, efficient, responsible individual who will give confidence.

Hopefully you can now see that the most important part of your business is YOU.

Victor Green, a serial entrepreneur. Victor has started many businesses; he lectures, mentors and is a consultant on all business matters. He is also the author of, How to Succeed in Business – by Really Trying and has his own Business Consulting business.

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