3 Ways to Promote Your Business

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Promote Your BusinessThere are many ways in which an entrepreneur can create a healthy buzz and get the public excited about their brand and service. But sometimes we get caught up in the excitement of things and lose sight over some of the finer details of the big picture that go into launching a solid marketing campaign for your business. This article will examine 3 areas that require detailed planning.

1. Website

Having the right website sounds like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at the number of businesses that use a free generic site from a company that plasters banner adds on their website. Would you have a big sign on your storefront asking people to buy car insurance? Of course not. Your website is your virtual storefront, and you want to keep it looking as welcoming, intriguing and exciting as you would your physical place of business without distracting the eye.

When embarking on building a small business website, WordPress is the way to go. It is free and the WordPress platform is already indexed with the search engines like Google and Bing to get instant search engine optimization. If you really want to give your website a sharp professional look, you can go to a number of sites that sell WordPress-friendly themes for as little as $40 and under. They are simple to install, and easy to build. Also, they are advertisement-free and look no different that a website someone spend a few thousand dollars on building.

2. Social media marketing

You will want to get your brand and services in front of as many people as possible. Facebook has over 1 billion users. Creating a page for your business is an ideal way to promote your company for free.

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There are some general rules to follow when launching a Facebook marketing campaign. Here are some key points to follow:

  • Use your company logo for your profile image
  • Post links, updates and photos at least 3 times a week
  • Get people both online and in your physical store to “like you”
  • Run promotions and contests through Facebook
  • Respond to every single remark and question that people leave

You will want to use your logo any chance you can get—you will want people to associate your branding with the services and products you display online. By posting fresh content throughout the week not only are you engaging your audience, you are slowly improving your organic placement in the search engines. It is also vital to get as many people to “like you” as possible. The more fans you have, the bigger your audience base. And remember, when one person responds to you via Facebook, all of their friends will see this activity in the news feed column. In essence, your clients are doing your marketing for you.

By running contests and promotions you are creating a buzz and giving people something to talk about. And finally, by responding to all comments and questions left online, you are taking the reigns and are controlling your online reputation.

3. Company car

If you drive clients around or if you are fairly mobile in your field, having a well-branded company car will give you oodles of exposure. Your first step is to purchase a sensible car. Remember, this is a business investment. You may not need a luxury vehicle. Many businesses will opt for electric or hybrid cars—they are inexpensive to run, are equipped with Bluetooth to enhance the cabin as a mobile office, and most of them offer generous tax credits for going green.

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You will also want to maintain your company car and keep it as clean and pristine as you would your physical place of business. Another thing to consider in maintaining your car is your health, and the health of your passengers. You can tint your car windows for better safety and to protect your self from getting skin cancer. A recent study shows that truck drivers and people who spend lots of time in their cars are more susceptible to getting skin cancer. Tinting your windows also preserves your car’s interior and removes glare. Trying to work remotely from your car posses many challenges when the sun is beating in.

Finally, consider having the company car wrapped. This is a technique where a professional takes your company’s colors and logo and decks your vehicle out into an attractive mobile advertisement that turns heads. Be sure to use a good call to action to further tap into the curious minds that watch you drive by.

Tina Hamilton is a veteran journalist who writes for a professional SEO consulting agency. In her spare time she enjoys playing the piano and volunteering with a local beach clean-up group.

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