Why You Need to Throw Away Your Goals

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As entrepreneurs we are supposed to be goal-getters, achievers and risk takers. On the internet you will find over a million blog posts having something to say about the successful and unusual day-day-day habits of entrepreneurs. I am not trying to condemn other blog posts. I am just trying to focus on the nitty-gritty and what elements could make you a better entrepreneur, something that will give you a defining edge.

Entrepreneurs are different. Sometimes what sets them apart is more of a sustaining factor rather than a singular moment of chance. What does setting goals have to do with this? Even we are told to aim for goals and reach them we should understand that goals only help to measure our progress rather than ascertain or secure them.

For example if your goal is to drop forty pounds at the end of November; if at the end of November you do attain this goal, what happens after? How does reaching that goal help you secure and maintain the success of what you have attained? This is why super entrepreneurs focus on the system or the process of attaining their goals. Here are three scenarios to provide a clearer definition.

GOAL: writing and completing a book at the end of the year

SYSTEM: writing 1, 000 words every day.


GOAL: building a million dollar business

SYSTEM: developing an idea, marketing and selling it to a large and loyal number of customers


GOAL: losing eighty pounds of weight

SYSTEM: exercising thirty minutes a day.

Now it is important you do not get me wrong or misinterpret the essence of this article. Yes, goals are there to measure your success and should only be seen as a reward for fastidiously practicing the system of attaining them. It is folly to focus more on rewards rather than the actual act of attaining these rewards or goals.

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I have written this article to reawaken the young entrepreneur to build on the system or the pattern of attaining a goal rather than just setting goals. Here are three reasons why you should focus on systems rather than goals.

Personal Development

As entrepreneurs we think of adding value or becoming persons of value. Yes the rewards or gains could come after. However we want to be impacting. By focusing on systems, we set a long term attitude of wanting to make a difference and becoming better at what we do. For example, instead of focusing on the goal of completing a book, think of the system that will lead to completing that book and make it an essential in your life. We become better individuals and more resourceful when we choose systems rather than goals.

Our happiness as entrepreneurs

 With goals comes a burden or a fatigue that hovers over us that we will only be happy when we reach a goal. Our happiness as entrepreneurs shouldn’t be dependent on attaining goals. As we work on systems we are happy and fulfilled in the act of constantly doing. This also protects us from any disappointment if for unforeseen reasons we do not reach a goal. As entrepreneurs don’t we deserve to be happy?

The sustainable factor

You may want to make a case for the reason that goals get you started and motivated. But without the design a dream remains bogus. Systems are action plans to achieve goals and the cliché that small steps leads to big moves applies here. By paying attention to the systems behind attaining your goals, you will not only get rewards or achieve goals; you will always have the right attitude to build on your every victory as an entrepreneur.

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