What Makes a Successful Online Marketing Strategy?

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An online marketing strategy is a plan of action designed to attain specific goals. Every successful plan features four major components.

According to DataReportal, six out of ten people worldwide depend on the internet for information. Their 2021 report shows that more than 60% of the global population is now online. These statistics demonstrate that growing an online presence is essential, which means that creating a marketing strategy is a must for any modern business.

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This strategy is vital for driving traffic to your page, gain leads to be converted, and increase your business’s revenue.

An online marketing strategy is a plan of action to attain specific marketing goals. Remember, no two strategies are alike. Other businesses have different targets to achieve. Your company’s strategy will depend on what you want to achieve. Developing a short-term or long-term plan will help ensure your business’s success.

So, what makes a successful online marketing strategy? Here are four major components that can make for a successful online marketing strategy.

1. Effective Use of Social Media

In today’s world, digital marketing is typically implemented through various social media platforms, and we interact with them every day. These types of online ad campaigns are known as digital or online marketing campaigns.

Social media increases brand awareness and engagement among producers and consumers. Sales get a boost due to social media exposure. It’s become one of the most important marketing strategies to advertise a brand’s products and services on various social media platforms.

However, hiring an agency is probably best for you if you think your business still lacks engagement and misses sales targets.

Hiring an agency is a big step for every business owner. There are many things you have to consider to ensure you’re choosing the right service provider out there. If your business is located near Guildford, Surrey, you may want to consider hiring a digital marketing agency that can increase your local presence in the area.

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2. Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Sending emails may be an old form of digital communication but it’s still one of the most effective marketing channels used today. Email marketing has continued to be an essential facet of a company’s online marketing strategy over the years. In fact, around 290 billion emails are sent every day.

Email marketing is the use of email to promote a business. You can promote your products and services by sending out messages to your registered clients. An effective email marketing can generate leads and sales, which is always welcome for any business.

To have an effective email marketing strategy, you must be ready with an email list. It could contain the active emails of past customers and prospect leads. This list will be your database of contacts that opted to receive messages from your business.

Clearly define the goals you want to achieve, such as driving or increasing sales, generating leads, boosting brand awareness, and keeping the clients engaged. That way, you’ll increase the number of your loyal customers and lifetime value.

3. A Strong SEO Strategy to Boost Online Marketing

Search engines use algorithms that determine what relevant results appear on their first page. This is where search engine optimization enters the picture. SEO is the process of getting your website to achieve a higher ranking in search engines.

Improving your website’s ranking can be confusing at first. Here are three techniques you can use to optimize your website.

  • Keyword Research: This is the first step for SEO. It involves finding and analyzing keywords people look for when they search online. There are several keyword search tools that can give you keyword ideas. These tools can also give you an idea of the number of users searching for a particular keyword.
  • Content Marketing: Keyword research and content marketing go hand in hand in this process. Content is the present and future of any online marketing strategy. This includes creating new content and updating an old post on your website. Make sure to create content that’ll catch people’s attention to get a higher ranking in search engine results.
  • Link Building: Search engines consider links as an important aspect of a site’s authority. Link-building plays a vital role in getting organic traffic. It helps improve a website’s search engine visibility. Securing good links from relevant pages — also known as “backlinks” — can help your website achieve increased traffic.
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Today, SEO is an integral part of any online marketing strategy. When done correctly, your website can attract a high volume of traffic. Not only that, your page will more likely rank high in search engine result pages (SERPs).

4. Creating a Sales Funnel

A marketing funnel is also known as a purchase funnel. It’s a step-by-step plan laid out by which the prospect buyer follows through. The sales funnel steps are usually called the top, middle, and bottom parts of the funnel. Take note that they vary depending on the business’ sales model.

The top part, also known as the first step, is awareness. In this section, outreach and engagement also happen. It’s where most of the marketing process happens. You’ll want to have highly engaging content to better connect with the audience. At this stage, it’s not entirely about the sales you’re getting that matter. It’s about connecting and forming positive relationships with clients that’ll turn into loyal customers.

Interest is the next stage of a sales funnel. Once the audience knows about your products and services, they’ll now evaluate them based on their interests. Once the consumer knows what they want, they will make a decision. This is what the third stage is all about.

Some people tend to look deeper into packaging options and pricing before making a final decision, which is the final step in the sales funnel. Whether your prospective clients turn into paying customers or not, you can continue creating “nurture campaigns” that could make a lasting impression on them. After all, a deal lost today won’t always stay lost.

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Final Thoughts

Having a well-thought-out online marketing strategy can help your business achieve its goals. You can try doing online campaigns using social media to market your products and services. On the other hand, sending out emails is still an effective way of promoting a business.

Also, having a solid SEO strategy can help boost your ranking in SERPs, which is also essential to let people be aware of your brand. You can also incorporate the concept of a sales funnel. That way, you can connect and build a long-lasting relationship with your audience.

Like business skills, with enough practice, anyone can master the art of building an online marketing strategy. The key is to experiment…and maybe make mistakes. In the end, you’ll be able to figure out which strategy works best for your venture.

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