Pinterest is Not Just for Party Planning

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PinterestPinterest came onto the social networking scene and skyrocketed in interest among users. These users quickly encompassed mainly women, such as moms planning birthday parties, new homeowners looking for cute ideas on redecorating, those  looking for dinner ideas, or those looking for shower and wedding planning. Many Pinterest users stick around to enjoy the site because it allows them to store numerous articles and pictures of interest in one location to come back to later. They enjoy the elimination of clutter while retaining the ability to research their interests.

Pinterest is not just for party planning

With the rapidly growing excitement among those who have discovered Pinterest, the site has drawn interest from more than just a handful of women. Savvy marketers are learning how to use Pinterest to boost company sales. Follow a few easy steps to use Pinterest for marketing your company.

1. Keep your pins clean and uncluttered

Draw interest to your business by pinning photos, word pictures and info-graphics that are appealing and uncluttered. Keep the pictures bright, colorful and free of unnecessary minute detail. Avoid dishonestly luring viewers to your site, instead choose pictures that relate to your company’s mission or reflects a specific product.

2. Tags and Links direct customers to where you are

Linking your Pinterest pictures to your website is like a road map, or GPS, leading customers directly to your site with the convenience and ease of one click. Promote your product or service by always adding your website link in your description when pinning a picture. Be sure to pin your pictures in categories that make sense and are likely to be searched for.  Use key words in your category title as well as in your description.

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3. Price tags work

When you type in the price of an item, Pinterest automatically creates a price banner that posts diagonally across the top left side of your picture. This draws the attention of viewers who then click on the website link that takes them directly to your site for purchase.

4. Connect the dots between Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter

Pinterest is a social networking site. Connect your pins to your company’s Facebook page and Twitter accounts. Never just post or pin in one location, always connect the dots to make it easy for potential customers to find you and then share your sites with others. Include “Pin It” and other Pinterest buttons on your website and blog to make it easy for readers and visitors to click from one site to the next.

5. Word of mouth is the best

Branch out and get to know the community of Pinterest users. Repin Pins from others. Focus on a few users who have a track record of repining quality to a large audience, and they’ll be likely to repin your posts to thousands. Don’t just dump a bunch of pins and run. Space out your pins, and comment, like and repin others.

Pete Juratovic is Strategic Director and founder of Clikzy Creative, a web design and development company in Washington, DC.
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