Ready for the New Year? Here Are Top 7 Apps to Increase Business Productivity

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship / January 24, 2014

As we sing the obligatory ‘Auld Lang Syne’ song and usher in the new year, it’s time to take stock of just how productive we were in the past year. Fortunately, there’s always room for improvement (no reason to berate yourself for that), even if your workload HAS been pretty overwhelming. Here are the best 7 apps that we think would help you increase productivity and ultimately help motivate you and get things done efficiently.

1. Dropbox

This productivity tool is so versatile and indispensable that we’re not surprised to see that there are 62 things you can do with Dropbox regardless of what platform you access it from. For instance, many are aware that you can store and share files, docs, videos and pictures across your PC, laptop and mobile devices, but did you know that you can effortlessly sync files to and fro Android and iOS devices? You’ll never have to figure out ways to sync important work files from your company iPad to your personal Android smartphone.

Tip: Too lazy to write the entire minutes of a meeting by hand? You can record the meeting and save the audio file, upload it to Dropbox, then hire a freelancer to transcribe it after the meeting after you share the file’s link.

2. Evernote

Touted as the ultimate must-have productivity app by Mashable and TechCrunch, Evernote can be likened to your work (and personal!) assistant that helps you remember every single detail, be it ideas, photos, text, audio reminders, and checklists.

Tip: Heighten your productivity level using the official Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine. You can scribble, write or doodle on the book, then take a photo of your thoughts and instantly get it digitized so that you can share it with your teammates or collaborators.

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3. Doodle Easy Scheduling

The Doodle Easy Scheduling app eliminates headache when it comes to scheduling meetings at work. Say goodbye to messy email threads as you coordinate meetings effortlessly with this app. Features include the ability to set up polls so that participants can mutually agree on a meeting schedules, commenting, syncing across web and mobiles platforms, and more.

Tip: Try out the basic service for free on the site and find out how the polling feature works before you purchase the premium app for iOS or Android.

4. Smiling Mind

Sometimes the key to higher business productivity may be related to inner peace. Perhaps it’s time to sit back and evaluate your mental health – de-stressing could be the answer to unlocking your true potential in higher work efficiency and productivity.

Tip: Start a session within the app each day before you go to work and feel the difference before long!

5. Yast Time-tracker

You never really realize just how much time you’ve been wasting if you don’t use a time-tracker. And once you do, you’ll be able to identify “time-wasters” and find ways to effectively complete your tasks and therefore, increase your productivity.

Tip: If you’re self-employed or a freelancer, you can use the time-tracker to accurately bill your client the hours of work completed. Upgrade and experience the all-inclusive Business version for $14 per month or try the iOS/Android mobile apps for free.

6. QuickOffice

Creating and editing Microsoft office documents, presentations and spreadsheets on your mobile devices is made easier and seamless with the QuickOffice app. Most importantly, you get to sync and save them within your Google Drive so work gets saved automatically in the Cloud.

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Tip: You can even save files, zip them up and send them via email attachments for quicker sharing.

7. Awesome Note +To-do/Calendar/Reminder

If you’re getting a single all-in-one app that does virtually everything to increase your business productivity, then make it the Awesome Note app. Here’s what it can do for you:

  • Notes: Record and jot down your thoughts

  • Calendar: Schedule and plan meetings

  • To-do list: Create a checklist, then display badges that remind you of things that need to be done

  • Reminders: Set alarms and be reminded with timely notification pop-ups

  • Diary: Make a work diary complete with drawings, photos and maps

  • Passcode protection: Protect your data and files

Tip: To maximize its usage, download the Evernote app and use it together as you sync files with your Google Drive account.

Besides being big on functions, the app also features a stylish and minimal interface that makes it a pleasure to dabble with. You can pretty much show-off your own personality by customizing almost anything there is, from colors and fonts to themes and backgrounds.

Born and bred in New York, Adam Prattler is a business blogger by day and a gourmand by night. He dreams about having an artificial turf in his backyard where he can have picnics anytime he wants, come rain or shine.

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