The Best Destinations for Young CEO Winter Getaways

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CEO winter getaways

From the highest Alpine slopes of Switzerland to the breathtaking mountain ranges of the Canadian Rockies, we’ve selected the best places for young CEO winter getaways. They may indulge and enjoy life to the fullest here, surrounded by some of the most breathtaking views on the globe. Aside from the breathtaking location, these places are home to the world’s most luxurious accommodations, with superb service and the ultimate privacy and style that every busy CEO truly deserves.

Engadin Valley in Switzerland 

While Switzerland has many picturesque regions offering an ideal setting for enjoying winter sports, Engadin stands out among them and is especially suited for young CEOs seeking a luxury winter break. Boasting massive glaciers, majestic mountains, crystal-clear lakes, and scenic hiking trails, Engadin is a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts. And if you come here in the summer, you’ll find plenty of fun activities to enjoy. Aside from hiking, you can go cycling, mountain climbing, swimming in the lakes, windsurfing, and many other outdoor activities.

St. Moritz is the best area for your holiday in the Engadin Valley. It’s the most central location and where you’ll find most luxury hotels and resorts. You’ll also find plenty of restaurants, shops, cafes, and all the tourist amenities for a comfortable and enjoyable holiday. Another great thing about staying in St. Moritz is that many of the resorts here offer free public transportation to and from the cable cars, buses, and trains operating in the area.

Switzerland has incredible ski chalets ready to provide you with a cosy retreat after all of your skiing and winter sports delights, but there are many other activities to check out while in Engadin. Consider taking the Bernina Express from St. Moritz to Alp Grüm. Considered the highest railway in the Alps, enjoy epic views as your train takes you to the Bernina Pass at 2,253 metres above sea level.

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Aspen, United States

Aspen is a picturesque mountain town getaway, offering young CEOs an experience they cannot get anywhere else. As a world-class ski resort town offering excitement on every corner, your winter getaway in Aspen is unmatched.

While a winter vacation in Aspen is all about hitting the slopes, Aspen is not only a town for skiing or snowboarding. It offers numerous other activities to ensure a fun-filled getaway. Note that you need a pass to access the slopes of Aspen. The pass gives you access to all four mountains within the Aspen Snowmass. Each mountain is only a few miles from downtown and is easily accessible. Depending on the season, various types of ski passes are available.

Overlooking downtown Aspen, Aspen Mountain offers world-class skiing in the heart of town. While it doesn’t have beginner runs, intermediate skiers can tackle blue runs.

Stunning, steep, and wild, the Highlands are another area in Aspen that offers a spectacular skiing experience. It has some higher runs offering opportunities for backcountry skiing on steep slopes, making it an incredible option if you’re looking for thrilling adventures.

After a wild skiing adventure, treat yourself to a mouth-watering meal at one of the town’s best restaurants. Some restaurants will even chauffeur diners to the restaurant on a horse-drawn carriage, offering a more magical experience!

Hokkaido, Japan

Snow covers every inch of Hokkaido in winter, making it a top destination for young CEO winter getaways. From December to February, deep snowfalls cover the island in snow, and temperatures drop well below freezing, magically transforming the island into a winter wonderland.

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Hokkaido is home to several world-class ski resorts that can rival those in Europe and attract visitors seeking a fun-filled winter escape. Aside from offering high-quality powder snow, Hokkaido’s ski resorts boast magnificent mountain scenery.

Hokkaido has multiple slopes to cater to skiers of all levels. If you are not into winter sports, you can take advantage of the resorts’ snow parks, onsens, and other facilities.

Try to schedule your visit during the Sapporo Snow Festival. It’s the country’s biggest winter snow festival, attracting millions of visitors every winter. The festival’s highlights are the giant ice sculptures. The other things to look forward to at the festival are the Sapporo Beer Museum, the morning fish market, parks, and restaurants.

The French Alps, France

Young CEOs seeking a wine-soaked getaway in a quaint small town should head to the French Alps. The French Alps will make your winter break spectacular, with its charming mountain communities, mouth-watering cuisines, some of the world’s most advanced ski resorts, and the best all-inclusive skiing packages. Sno offer some great all-inclusive trips, perfect for any skiing lover who is also after something special.

If you want to cosy up by the fireplace while surrounded by crystal-clear waters and towering snow-capped mountains, Annecy is the place to be. It’s famous for its colourful half-timbered houses and delightful restaurants offering world-class cuisine. While it looks gorgeous in summer with its colourful flowers, Annecy shines magically in the winter as it sparkles against the frigid lake waters.

Nestled at the base of Mont Blanc, Chamonix is the go-to destination for ski lovers in France. Here, you’ll see cable cars taking visitors to panoramic viewpoints, where you can gaze upon miles of breathtaking glaciers, reaching as far as the Italian border. Aside from skiing, Chamonix also offers hiking opportunities and other outdoor sports like rock climbing and golfing.

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The Canadian Rockies 

Offering some of the world’s most impressive snowscapes, the Canadian Rockies is one of the best destinations for young CEO winter getaways. The stunning mountain range occupies the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, featuring crystal-clear lakes surrounded by jagged mountain peaks.

Quebec’s Le Massif de Charlevoix offers everything you could ever wish for in a winter escape in the Rockies, with the added benefit of being less crowded than in many other ski resorts. Despite being close to major cities, it still feels like a world away.

For a winter getaway of a lifetime, try a heli-safari adventure in the Canadian Rockies. It’s a thrilling 20-minute helicopter tour, flying over breathtaking frozen landscapes. You’ll then touch down in the wilderness for a snowshoeing adventure, exploring pristine snowy landscapes.

Admire the scenic Abraham Lake, with its naturally occurring bubbles trapped within the ice. After your adventure, enjoy a sumptuous lunch at one of the region’s top restaurants.


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