The Best Sports and Fitness Apps For The Active CEO

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Fitness AppsWork hard, play hard; so they say. When running a company and living a stressful work life, sport is a great option to keep a CEO well balanced – despite his tough role and important responsibilities.

While getting into a consistent fitness routine (and sticking to it) is sometimes easier said than done, there are some fitness apps that can help you get started, and on track to a healther lifestyle!

Full Fitness

If you enjoy going to the gym, but don’t know what exercises to do, get a personal trainer with Full Fitness. Full Fitness guides you through every exercise and helps you work out correctly!


For those of you residing in or passing through New York City, there is a great app to show you where to work out: Sportaneous! Sportaneous! Finds you group classes in the city and lets you sign up for them straight from the app, so that you have no excuse not to go!


If you’re more of an outdoor sportsman, RunKeeper may be right for you. RunKeeper tracks your workout, distance and performance.

FIT Radio

No matter what type of exercise you prefer, music is a great motivator in every discipline. If you are bored of your outdated iTunes playlists it’s time to stream something new – and FIT Radio is destined to become your new workout companion, taking you through great music mixes according to your taste – no matter what genre!


For those loving the outdoor sports, here is a winter and a summer tip for you: Tennis lovers should check out TennisRound, which connects tennis players around the country, matching them by skill level and location.

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Liftopia, on the other hand, gets you the latest information on the world’s best skiing regions, allowing you to purchase ski lift tickets on their site.

While working out is the fundamental element to getting more active, it’s not the only thing you should do when trying to get more active. The right nutrition and diet play a key role in your development, helping you achieve better results and feeling stronger each day on your path.


The first and most important thing to watch out for is your water intake. Not drinking enough can seriously drain you, affect your brain functionality and ultimately causes fatigue. It’s very important to monitor your water intake, especially when working out … and guess what – there is an app for that! WaterIn is now in charge of this for you!

Foodzy and Fooducate

The same goes for food. Did you know that workout only counts for 30% of the end result? It’s what you eat that makes a difference, and watching your diet can make your workout even more effective; the key is knowing what dishes and meals you can have without feeling guilty. The easiest way to go about this is by using Foodzy, an app that tells you the exact calorie count of each of your dishes – and Fooducate, which helps you identify the ‘rating’ of products at a supermarket, and what healthier options there are to munch on …


Should you be on a diet quest, take a closer look at DietBet. The DietBet community makes dieting fun, and a game, where you get motivated to reach your weight goal by others who are doing the same.

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No matter what goals you have – be it getting fit, staying healthy or watching your diet – is helps you stay motivated and on track for your goals – and working toward a healthy lifestyle!

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