The Resurgence of Word of Mouth

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word-of-mouthI’ve always found it interesting how certain cultural trends come and go in almost a cyclical pattern. For instance, something that was “cool” five years ago may not be anymore (sorry Myspace).  While something that was “in” during the 80’s and has already stopped being cool, is now once again the latest fashion (think skinny jeans, leggings, and neon colors). Our culture is always changing yet we continue to see things come full circle.

Word of mouth is one of my favorite examples of this. For as long as there has been any form of commerce, there has been word of mouth. Way before cell phones and the internet, good businesses understood and took advantage of WOM marketing. They created incentive programs, provided good service & relied on their customers to spread the word.

At some point, businesses drifted away from that. They created television commercials, billboards & print ads aimed at a broad target market and hoped it would stick with a few. ROI was almost impossible to measure and success was based on impressions & sales. The good news, it seems those days are on their way out!

As technology has evolved, we’ve started to realize the importance of a single customer. The CEO of WOMMA, Andy Sernovitz, actually articulates this perfectly:

“Traditional Marketing has companies speak to many to reach one. Today we speak to one to reach many.”

David Hauser and Siamak Taghaddos, the founders of Grasshopper Group, area a great example of a company that seems to really get it. Grasshopper Group is a brand which empowers entrepreneurs to succeed with a suite of products they love to use.  David and Siamak (both of whom are still under 30!), have made quite a splash in the entrepreneurial community recently with their Chocolate Covered Grasshopper & National Entrepreneurs Day Campaigns.  Both of which intentionally targeted a unique group of “influentials”, who in turn spread the word to their tens of thousands of “followers”.

But they didn’t stop there!  Grasshopper Group’s newest product is actually a Word of Mouth Tool called Spreadable. Spreadable, which is currently in Beta, provides people who are having a positive experience on your website a mechanism to yell from the rooftops about your brand. Spreadable helps you:

  • Increase word of mouth referrals and reward brand loyalists
  • Lower your cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Make more money (seriously)

And who better to use for a case study than Grasshopper Group themselves. Over a year ago their marketing team felt a real need to have a referral program, a platform that would allow one happy entrepreneur to share that experience with another.  Hence the Spreadable application was born.  Grasshopper Group turned this application into their “Refer an Entrepreneur” program, which is responsible for increasing their bottom line over $100,000 last year!!  On top of that people who landed on from their Spreadable button were converting at nearly 8 times a higher rate than that of organic traffic.  Those numbers got us so excited, we felt we had to share Spreadable with you all today.  They are offering 30-day free trials, and it only takes 5-10 minutes to set up so head over there and see if you can’t start increasing your bottom line right away!

Check out Spreadable for your company.

Grasshopper Group is run by two young entrepreneurs that are not only passionate about their own company but go above and beyond in trying to inspire others to start businesses. Grasshopper Group is making great strides to help more people go after their passions and start their own ventures.

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