Top 10 Communication Apps for 2014

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There are many communications apps available in 2014. Here are some of the best of those apps that are free to use.


As mobile and PC technology continues to advance at a stellar rate, hundreds of communications apps and software packages are continually developed to offer users more rewarding and effective communications solutions. Communications are an integral part of everyday life, and an important factor in the business world where the ability to communicate with others instantly, clearly, and effectively, no matter where they are, is in high demand.

Many communication platforms and apps are designed simply for easy communication with one another, as in one family member speaking with another family member who may be vacationing overseas. Others offer more complex and feature-rich designs, such as the ability to host conferences with thousands of attendees all around the globe. The majority are also now designed to work on mobile platforms, since many of us in business and in life are often on the go, and we are using mobile devices more so than ever before.

There are certainly plenty of simple and FREE conference call apps to choose from, and below you will find a short list of ten of the best communication apps available in 2014.

1.     UberConference.

This easy to use app offers you many options to communicate with others, as well as advanced conferencing features and sharing of files and other data. You can opt for a free UberConference account or pay a small fee for more features, depending upon your needs. Many of the features make this simple and free conference call app a great tool for business. It is also less restrictive than other mass communications apps, making it easy for all users to learn and use quickly.

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2.     Gmail.

One of the more well-known communications apps, Gmail is used primarily as what the name implies—an email application. However, more experienced users will already know that Gmail also offers many communications capabilities, such as video chatting, conferencing, file sharing, and improved email management.

3.     Google Voice.

This extension of the Google suite of applications is primarily used for phone calls with others, but provides you with a different phone number, making it especially useful for those who want to be able to separate important business calls from other types of phone calls. The simple and free conference call app lets you screen calls, as well as text and message others for free in the United States.

4.     Cloze.

This handy app enables you to easily view communications from several platforms in one convenient location. Cloze will collect emails, Facebook status updates, tweets from a Twitter feed, and other data from platforms you determine and only from users you determine, so that you can view what you deem as most important more easily and efficiently.

5.     Brewster.

The popular app also takes advantage of the rise in popularity of social networking and collects data from various social media platforms for easy viewing. It also goes a step further and provides an explorable interface that delivers more details about those with whom you are interacting.

6.     LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn social media and networking platform has developed their own app to allow for more communications options on mobile devices. Now LinkedIn members can easily keep track of contacts and communicate with them as necessary, as well as quickly gain access to contact information. The app also provides easy access to job listings.

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7.     Twitter.

No one can think of a communications app these days without thinking of Twitter, whose usage and membership continues to explode at a phenomenal rate. Twitter is great for those who wish to communicate with others in a concise manner, as well as instantly receiving important information from other sources. It has become a mainstay and is an important app for breaking news.

8.     Skype.

This simple and free conference call app has been around a while, and allows conference calling as well as video conferencing. It may not include some of the more advanced features of other business communications apps, such as those found with UberConference, but if you need to communicate with only a few people at a time, it may be an option.

9.     WhatsApp Messenger.

This messenger app allows you to easily send text messages to others who may be on different operating systems or using other devices. The cross-platform app enables easy and free text messaging to others who also have the same app, and helps to save on text messaging usage costs as well.

10.  Mention.

This communications app provides you with rich media content based on your preferences. The app searches the web, as well as social media platforms, to find information you might like to view and read based on your interests and the search terms you designate. It is an excellent app for keeping up with important business and industry information.

Peter Davidson works as a senior business associate helping brands and start ups to make efficient business decisions and plan proper business strategies. He is a big gadget freak who loves to share his views on latest technologies and applications.

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