Top 6 Reasons Every Company Should Have a Blog

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Why To Have a Blog For Your BusinessSo, you have opened your own company website. Now what? Of course, all company owners want that their website rank higher in the search engines and more visitors arrive at the site and promote their products and services. But whenever I ask them do they own a blog, most company owners make fun of this question and said who wants to read about their businesses. However, I must say that whether you have a small or large business, whether you sell fewer products or in bulk, your business would be better off if it has a blog.

TopRank blog (Marketing) is the best example of a company blog. This company gets a large amount of trade that directly comes to them from keeping up their impressive business blog. If you do search in Google, you will find that your competitors are also blogging. The following reasons are why you should have a blog:

1.      Rank higher online

Blogging regularly allows visitors to know more about the company and its products. Suppose you are a new bookselling company-by blogging about your books and about your community, you are more likely to be selected by search engines. In addition, if you build high-quality content, you can easily build your authority in the market and slowly but surely it improves your search rankings. A well-organized blog will drive huge traffic to the site and high traffic means more page views and hits.

2.      Buildup your brand

With a blog, you can share information about your company and allow your users to know more about your brand. Updating your blog regularly with unique and high quality content shows the expertise and trustworthiness of your company in the minds of users. When you build your reliability in the market, people are more likely to buy from you because they prefer to do shopping with the brands that they trust. Moreover, by sharing your blog in social media will help you to drive more traffic and more links.

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3.      Allows you to show your superiority

There are millions of companies selling products online. Therefore, it is very important to show people- why your products and services better than others. That is what the blog does for you. It allows you to interact with the clients in a way that you cannot interact on the business site. Educating clients with your high-quality content prior to the sale is the most effective tool to make your online business successful. You can add youtube tutorials, podcasts, presentations, case studies, press releases, etc. to your blog to make it more informative and readable.

4.      Helps you to grow professionally

Blogging not only benefits your clients to learn more, but it also benefits you. Exploring Google for new topics teaches you some new things. For instance, publishing interviews of company executive may give you new ideas to put into practice in your own business blog. It sharpens your skills and offers chances that you were maybe blind to before. It helps you to stay up-to-date on your business and improve professionally.

5.      Enables employees to show and develop their creativity

An essential thing that should not be ignored in blogging is that the art of writing content for the blog sharpens the edge of your expertise. It can even inspire your employees to come forward with some great ideas for posts, and you can enable them to use their inner skills and creativeness.

6.      Best marketing tool on a limited budget

A blog is a free marketing tool that offers you a great opportunity to build a brand and stand out from your competitors. Chris Anderson said that blogging helps to do market research.  If you publish unique and informative content in your blog two or three times per week, the more blog readers will come and give their feedback on what they like and what they do not like through comments section. The more blog readers connect with your brand, the more they share your content. Thus, they will do marketing for you.

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It is true that you will have to give some time to blogging but you should also think that giving some time to blogging is much better option than paying for SEO.

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