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Twitter is rising in popularity thanks to mobile users. Mobile users are not looking for the unlimited space of Facebook to express themselves. The 140 characters boundary of Twitter is more convenient for any mobile device user. The text message like appearance of Twitter is familiar and hence popular with mobile users. Facebook was not late to recognise this growing mobile market though. The social media giant reacted by buying Instagram which is actually an all out mobile, social platform. But that is another story. This article is about Twitter vs Facebook dynamics and how you can benefit from them.

Why The Competition?

You may be wondering, why is there competition when a user can be on both the websites? Both these websites are addictive in their own right. Someone popular on Twitter would naturally have less time to spend on Facebook. The reverse is also true. Each of these sites is appealing, but for different reasons, and that is the core reason for the competition of Twitter vs Facebook. If you want to maintain a profile on both sites, you have to either set different days for twitter and different days for Facebook, or you have to hire someone to represent you on the site you are not attending to very much. However, one thing is certain. If you can somehow manage to be simultaneously active on both platforms, you business is going to see a considerable upshot in your popularity.

Using Both Sites

You should probably start with Facebook because it has greater scope for creating status updates. Create a status, see the response to the status, reword it keeping the meaning intact, condense it to 140 characters, and then use it on twitter.  This should be the strategy that you are using. This would keep your business active on both sites in tandem. It also goes without saying that your website should conspicuously show both Twitter and Facebook buttons.

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Use Separate Strategies For Twitter And Facebook

As the approach and appeal of the sites are fundamentally different in many aspects, you should have different promotional strategies for each website. For instance, Twitter is the place for getting instant updates on any local or global events. Facebook is not a good place to get updates unless you have an enthusiastic journalist in your friend list or you have liked some news pages. Devising separate SEO strategies for Twitter and Facebook is important to make the best use of both the sites. That should be your ultimate objective. To capture the different customer bases that are represented on these two very different social networking sites. In addition, a combined Twitter and Facebook approach would help you to better interpret your target audience. You should be able to use the knowledge gained from one social site in the other, whichever site is your first preference probably any social media site actually.

So, both sites have different features which can benefit your business in different ways and both should be used for promoting your business.

Which site do you prefer?

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