As an Entrepreneur Do You Get Massages for the Stress?

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MassageLets face it most people are stressed out, but I can venture a guess that entrepreneurs are at the top of that list. Running one’s own business can be very stressful indeed. Stress can cause destruction on levels you many not even realize.

Here’s the the bad news first…

1. People become numb to stress.

This can cause you not to see injuries or illnesses that your body is trying to tell you about. An injury or illness can cause an entrepreneur a loss of precious time away from whatever project they are working on at the time.

2. It causes Cortical inhibition.

That means it causes smart people to do stupid things. As an entrepreneur, the last thing you want to do is make mistakes because you are overloaded with stress.

3. Your body does not care if the stress is a big one or small one.

Your body releases 1,400 biochemicals every time you get a paper cut or lose a big client. These biochemicals cause chain reactions that prematurely age your body and exacerbate how you deal with stress the next time.

Now here’s the Great news!

1. Regular massage will help you check in with your body.

Your massage therapist can feel imbalance before it gets out of  control.  Whether it is in your muscles from hunching over your computer for days at a time or a cold coming on. A massage will help flush toxins from your muscles that are causing aches and pains. It will also boost your immune system so that you can fight whatever the flu season has to throw at you. This is especially important for entrepreneurs who work in office settings or around many people.

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2. Regular massage makes you smarter!

Ok well maybe not smarter but it does increase mental clarity, reduce mental stress, promote better sleep and sleep patterns, induces mental relaxation, calms temper, enhances capacity for calm thinking and creativity while heightening mental alertness, it helps improve concentration, provides mental clarity among some things. Most entrepreneurs I know would love to add any of those things above  to how they feel on a daily basis. So If you do get massage on a regular basis I have to amend my previous statement, I do think regular massage makes you smarter!

3. Regular Massage releases endorphins! I love endorphins they make me feel amazing!

  • Regular massage releases large amounts of endorphins into the bloodstream. “The mind, which before massage is in a perturbed, restless, vacillating, and even despondent state, becomes calm, quiet, peaceful, and subdued after massage. In fact, the wearied and worried mind has been converted into a mind restful, placid, and refreshed. “-Dr. Dowse
  • Recent studies have suggested that endorphins enhance the immune system, relieve pain, and reduce stress.
  • Scientists also have found that beta-endorphins can activate human NK cells and boost the immune system against diseases and kill cancer cells.
  • Endorphins act  as a pain regulator.
  • Endorphins are connected to euphoric feelings and appetite regulation

As a very passionate massage therapist I could go on and on about the benefits of regular massage. These are just a very few of the benefits that I think would be the most important for entrepreneurs. With all of the stress we put on our minds and bodies, I think you owe it to yourself to get on a regular schedule of massage at the minimum once a month during less stressful times and twice a month when you know your workload is going to increase. Those 1-2 hours a month is going to pay you back in spades. It will be one of the best investments you can make in your business and your body.

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Yvonne is a massage therapist and massage instructor with over 10 years of experience. During her career, she opened 3 SPAs and co-founded, an online market place to save time, money and energy looking for certified holistic practitioners in your area. Book a massage now!

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