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Negotiations are often associated with strategies, and this comparison seems to be justified at first sight. However, it would mean that a negotiation is a great talent consisting of gamesmanship and other various skills rather than of hard work and investigation abilities. Even though the business world involves some gaming elements, they’re usually related only to transactions and achievements.

Smart strategies may not be always that smart

The last period has been driven by the idea that a thriving negotiation cannot be achieved without gamesmanship, but this belief is not always true, especially nowadays, when business people have to deal with a weakened economy. Supposing that a negotiation will end with excellent results only by applying proper regulations and strategies is wrong, since most strategies can be useful with a certain deal and completely useless with others.

Never take things personally

A business person is usually gifted with negotiation skills, and this means that you should never feel offended by your counterparts’ statements. Some of them use smooth techniques that are not very hard to swallow, while others turn to more aggressive and intimidating ones.  Regardless of what you are dealing with, try to remember that business individuals should never be very sensitive during business negotiations. After all, business is business.

Everything is negotiable

Even though deals may be difficult to negotiate every now and then, they’re never impossible. As a result, you are advised to think of every situation as a challenge, and try to use your smartest skills. Start by communicating with other participants, express your demands, agree with what they say, be tolerant, and last but not least, never back down! Good negotiators can close a deal even without having the advantage.

Do your homework

Don’t start negotiating without making sure that you’ve learned everything you could about your counterparts. You cannot understand their needs without becoming familiar with their points of view. As a result, you should try to learn as many details as you can about the other party’s business so that you can understand their perspective.

Be patient

Patience is one of the most important qualities that a negotiator should have. Those who think only about getting their job done will never win, because a negotiator should at least pretend to be sympathizing with their associates, as well as listen carefully to what they have to say. Express your demands but make sure that you don’t cross the line. If you are aware of how important patience is, you will definitely identify when your counterpart loses focus, and you will take advantage of the situation.

Aim higher and never settle for less

Good negotiators should never agree to close a deal that offers them less than they deserve. As a result, you should always aim high, without coming up with outrageous offers. If you are reasonable throughout the negotiation, you will definitely achieve in closing the deal you have dreamed of.

Assess your position

Every business negotiation features a party whose position is stronger. In case you want to have an advantage from the beginning of the negotiation, you are advised to surprise your counterpart by speaking your mind first. Describe your terms and make sure that you don’t let yourself intimidated, regardless of what happens.

Get ready to compromise

When nothing else works, compromise is the last choice. There are situations in which the two parties cannot reach an agreement unless one of them decides to compromise. Negotiations are not about who gets better advantages, but about coming up with a win-win solution that can benefit both parties.

Become a good listener

A good negotiator knows that being a good listener is very important nowadays. You don’t have to care about the personal opinions of your opponent, because you will have to support them anyway. Always act as if you were interested and ask as many questions as possible, in order to convince him of your good intentions. This way, your counterpart will feel encouraged to accept the offer that you’ve made, even if you’ve exaggerated.

Keep things professional

Business negotiations should always end politely, regardless of what happens. Therefore, try not to turn your negotiations into scandals. Many people tend to impose authority by raising their voice, but this strategy is unacceptable. If your counterpart uses it, try to inform them in a very polite manner that your deal is off the table.

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