7 Workplace Apps for Entrepreneurs

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7 Workplace Apps for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you likely use one or more apps to run your business. Whether it’s on your mobile device or personal computer, you gain many benefits from using workplace apps. It creates a more inclusive work culture, increases your productivity, and makes managing work processes easy.

Let’s take a look at seven workplace apps that are beneficial to every entrepreneur using them. 

1. Zoom

With the capacity to host meetings with up to 100 participants, Zoom is heralded as one of the most user-friendly workplace apps because it is easy and free to use up to a certain time limit. Zoom’s combination of mobile competences, webinars, online business meetings and HD video conferencing as one combined solution makes it loved by all its users. 

One other special feature that makes Zoom unique is its asynchronous video communication. With this feature, you can record a video message and share it with team members. If unavailable, they can respond back to you in good time. Remote teams can send and receive personalized feedback in an interactive manner.  

2. Slack

Divided into sections that are tailored to specific topics, Slack channels allow you to be a part of an ongoing conversation while staying on your tasks. Its speed, organization and integrations allow users to maximize their productivity. With respect to this, the Slack interface is easy to customize as it provides the perfect blend into other usable platforms. For instance, Slack has one of the best integrations with Google Drive, HubSpot and Adobe Creative Cloud to name a few.

Whether you’re working solo, remote or with team mates, you can connect your software tools, find vital information and share them with your team mates.  Looking for a secure platform to communicate with your team faster and better? Slack is the way to go. 

 3. 15Five

In a time when many businesses are adopting remote work, employees must maintain productivity to achieve results. But to remain highly productive, the right solutions to manage performances must be in place. 15Five allows managers, directors and C-level executives to check in with their subordinates to detect problems, offer support, and proffer solutions. 

A distinct feature of 15Five is its feedback management. Esteemed as one of the most user friendly employee apps, 15Five earns the top spot among other workspace apps for employee engagement and productivity. Swift workplaces made up of large teams get the most benefit from it because it helps employers identify employee strengths. 

4. CamCard

Business cards are still relevant in the present work world, but everything is now becoming digital. The idea of a digital business card sounds wise. CamCard helps you digitize business cards so that they are available to you in the cloud. Simply take a picture of the business card with your phone’s camera via CamCard’s app. The software pulls out the basic details and creates a virtual business card. With CamCard, you don’t need to stress yourself out with cramming contact details into your head or pocket.

The app also allows you to send emails, make phone calls and even connect with your contacts on social media. 

5. Evernote 

Can you remember a time, a creative idea popped up in your mind but it soon fizzled out because you failed to jot it down? Note taking isn’t confined to the classroom alone, it is an important skill even in the workplace. If you need a workplace app to either jot down your creative ideas into archives or manage tasks at hands, Evernote comes in handy. The notes you can create using this app isn’t limited to texts alone. You can create and share photographs, drawings, web contents and even audio memos with anyone. 

This app is so easy to use that it can quickly be streamlined into the workflow processes of any workplace. Never will you be caught in the rumble of missing important ideas when inspiration strikes. This is because whether it’s for personal or integrated use, you can keep track of notes without stress using Evernote. 

6. Freedom

Getting work done on time can be difficult when various forms of distractions are staring at you. If you find yourself giving in to distractions that affect your work efficiency, then it is best that you use distraction blocker apps. Freedom blocks distractions on all yours devices simultaneously. It is time to say goodbye to blocking an app or newsfeed on your computer only to open it on your notebook or phone. Once you turn on a session, all distractions are blocked on all devices. 

With Freedom App, you are able to focus on your work and be more productive. After months of training yourself to remain focused on tasks, you will have mastered enough grit to stay away from distractions. 

7. Expensify

Money remains the currency of our world, yet calculating everyday expenses can be tiring. With Expensify, you can manage expenses, scan receipts and track businesses in real time. More interestingly, you can file expenses on meals, travels and gas. Just take a picture of the receipt on your smartphone. Expensify’s artificial intelligence software will capture and store the date, cost, and merchant for you. 

You can also import or integrate the generated expenses across other financial applications for processing. This app eliminates the stress and error that come with reporting expenses. It also processes expense in a fastidious pace so that the user is paid on time.    

Whether you have made good use of these workplace apps or you are just getting to efficiently utilize them, they may help your productivity. 

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