10 Nutrition-Packed Snacks to Fuel Your Body & Mind

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Your health is your most valuable asset. Your body is a reflection of what you put inside it. The time and money invested in creating and maintaining your health has more benefits than you can ever imagine.

Even outer beauty and glowing skin starts on the inside, but we sometimes get it twisted in that we think it starts on the outside.

We have all heard that it is 80% diet and 20% exercise, in my experience; this has proven to be true. Both complement each other in maintaining your health, but also your mental sharpness and focus for your work.

I started eating for nutritional value, and not comfort nor pleasure, I encourage you to gradually make this change as well.

Besides your daily water intake and your regular daily healthy meals, here are 10 healthy snacks to keep you going throughout the day.  They will feed your brain and body and make you feel refreshed, rather than tired and lethargic.  They won’t put your body in “poison-fighting mode” or that fake feeling of “full” after eating fried or sugar filled food. This is not what “full” actually feels like, that feeling of your stomach being bogged down is actually your body being like “where do I store this poison, my organs cannot take this, nor can my muscles, so I may as well store it in existing fat cells or create more.” A lot of us stop eating well and go for bread, crackers or chips to feel that “full” we are so accustomed to. Gradually you can come to realize that eating should leave you feeling replenished and nourished, not like you’re about to fall asleep.

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1. Nuts

Are protein rich which go straight to your muscle mass and keep your brain going.

I recommend your favorite kind of nuts, be it almonds or walnuts, for example, in their natural and non-processed state, which means un-salted, un-coated and no additives.

In this category, trail mix is also an idea, it contains nuts and dried fruit, which can be a healthy dose of protein but also natural (real) sugar from fruit.

You may add chunks of pure dark chocolate to mix it up and add sweetness. Of course, dark chocolate, in its purest forms, actually can wake you up and stimulate your brain. You can also simply have your favorite dried fruit on its own as a snack, be it dried apricot, mango, strawberry, or dried cranberries.

2. Protein Shakes

Can sometimes count as meal replacements instead of being just snacks.

I use Pure Trim Mediterranean Wellness as a meal replacement for two meals each day. If you are looking for a snack shake on its own, any Whey Protein that is from New Zealand, as their standards in no genetic modifications or additives are the most sophisticated, is an awesome snack.  New Zealand Whey is sold at any health food store or supplement store. It comes in many flavors and can be yummy on its own, mixed with water, or you can add fruit and ice and blend it and take it with you in a to-go cup. If you are travelling from place to place, you can keep the powder itself in a container or Ziploc bag.

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In addition to shakes, high protein, low sugar protein bars like Simply Bar and Quest bars are my personal favorites. Please be mindful that most protein bars do not count as meal replacements though, just as snacks.

3. Hummus

A  wonderful snack to have with vegetables like baby carrot sticks, whole wheat crackers, pita or even rice crackers (depending on your dietary restrictions).

4. Vegetables

On their own or with dip are lovely.

Your choice of pre-cut and washed (or you may prep them yourself) baby carrots, green beans, peppers cucumbers or celery with light dressing is a great snack to keep you going.

5. Fruit

Choose the kinds that require no prep time at all. Go for apples, bananas, grapes, plums, or oranges, for example. In this category, if you do have time to prepare your snack, I recommend apple slices for dipping in peanut or almond butter.

6. Plain greek yogurt

Delicious and high in protein

You can also buy the Oikos brand which comes with honey.

7. Peanut butter or almond butter banana wraps

You can wrap a banana in a whole grain tortilla with peanut or almond butter and low-fat and low-sugar jam.

8. Corn tortilla chips

With home-made or healthy store bought salsa and guacamole make for a tasty and healthy snack.

9. Granola bars are great for being on the go.

Read the labels though. I recommend Kashi go-lean granola bars and most of the varieties sold in the organic section of the grocery store because they are low sugar / low sodium and high protein.

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10. Hard boiled eggs

A  very high protein pick-me-up snack.

I also like to have this with sliced pieces of cheese and whole wheat crackers.

Results in healthy eating habits, as well as exercise, do not show overnight. For example, when you bake a (healthy) dozen of muffins, you must pre-heat the oven and let the heat build-up before your baked goods are fully done.  If you remove your platter of muffins mid-way-through,  just because you do not see instant results, you will end up with undercooked muffins and need to start the entire process over again. Do not remove yourself from this process of cleansing your lifestyle and eating habits just because you do not see instantaneous results in your mind and body. Keep going.

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