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Parents and teachers often tell us to eat well and get lots of sleep in order to succeed in school. I used to think that it was a whole load of codswallop but upon getting older, I’ve realized how true it really is.

To do well at work and to stay focused, we need to eat the right things. Smart eating habits result in a strong brain and better productivity. Now of course there are certain vitamins and supplements that can help to boost creativity but do you really want to be like a walking pharmacy?

You can succeed in your career by eating healthy food in sensible portion sizes. And if you’ve started the New Year with the resolution to lose a bit of weight, why not kill two birds with one stone?

Here are some great food and snack ideas which are  healthy and perfect for eating on the go or at the office:

1.     Whole wheat crackers and peanut butter

Research shows that eating every four hours keeps your energy levels high and your metabolism going. Crackers are a great snack when you’re feeling peckish and it has less than 200 calories. It doesn’t matter too much how many crackers you have but don’t overspread the peanut butter.

2.     Fruit salad

Instead of grabbing for that chocolate bar, why not make your own fruit salad instead? Throw in some grapes, sliced up banana and apple, a pear and some blueberries and you’ve got a concoction of yumminess. Better still, you don’t need to wait in the queue to use the microwave because it doesn’t need heating up!

3.     Tuscan-style tuna salad

This is a no fuss, no cook recipe which makes it perfect for the office. Simply make it before you go to work in the morning and store it in the fridge. Not really a salad kind of person? Easy; just use it as a filling for a sandwich on brown bread.

4.     Prawn sweet chili noodle salad

This dish only takes 10 minutes to prepare and five minutes to cook; perfect for a quick bite to eat whilst sat at your desk. It’s low in fat and full to the brim of goodness including cashew nuts, baby spinach leaves and cherry tomatoes.

5.     Tandoori chicken on a ciabatta roll

Fancy some yummy chicken marinated in yoghurt and spices? This recipe is delicious on afresh, crusty ciabatta roll with lemon mayonnaise. Got some chicken leftover? Simply make a salad with brown rice for the next day.

6.     Red pepper, feta and lentil wrap

This lunch is great for vegetarians. Simply combine all the ingredients in a food processor and lavish it on some bread for a concoction of flavors. Here is a step by step guide to making the lentils and wrap.

7.     Spicy tuna and cottage cheese jacket potato

Want something that is low in fat but high in carbs? A jacket potato filled with spicy tuna and cottage cheese is light but nutritious. Just be wary of how much salt you add!

8.     Fresh tomato soup

Nothing beats a cold, boring day at the office than a piping hot bowl of tomato soup! But why not ditch the can and make it from scratch? Alternatively, use leftover vegetables from your Sunday roast to make a homemade vegetable soup. Just blend all the veg and add some stock!

9.     Smoked trout and cucumber sandwiches

These sandwiches can be made quickly and easily and are less than 300 calories! Just flake the fish in a bowl before you go to work, mix with some horseradish sauce, season, and top with watercress and cucumber. For extra flavor, toast the bread.

10.  Broccoli, ham and pasta salad

Want to eat a salad but need some carbs to keep you going the whole working day? This dish is great and is loaded with healthy veg. Simply prepare in the morning and store in the fridge all day.

11.  Bean and cheese burritos

This recipe is super easy to make. Just bake the burritos before you go to work and eat cold. It’s the perfect vegetarian dish and simply comprises of onion, fried beans, shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce and salsa. You can add guacamole and sour cream as an extra!

12.  Turkey, corn and sun-dried tomato wraps

These hearty turkey wraps are packed with tomatoes, lettuce and fresh corn kernels. They’re great for on the run and you can serve with carrot sticks and hummus.

13.  Homemade egg mayonnaise and watercress baguette

Free range eggs are packed full of protein and vitamins. Team it with watercress which is full of iron and spread it all over a granary, crusty baguette. Perfecto!

14.  Barley, black bean and avocado salad

Team some barley and black beans with delicious tomatoes, avocado and fresh lettuce for a scrumptious lunch. Add in some red peppers, some sweetcorn and some beetroot for a really healthy salad.

So there you have 14 great foods for the office that will keep you feeling full for the whole day. Just make sure you don’t end up in front of that vending machine or at the retail park takeaway!

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