11 Tips for a Healthier Outlook on Life

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From time to time everyone gets down in the dumps. Luckily there are some easy remedies out there which can be used to make you feel more positive and get back on the right track for a more holistic view on life again.


Setting goals has to be one of the biggest tasks for creating a healthy outlook on life. Separating them into short, medium and long term will help you have a thorough focus and give you something to work towards.

Pushing yourself in directions you aren’t used to is great for skill development. When you eventually achieve your goal you can reward yourself, if not, don’t get disheartened. Look back and identify stages where you could have improved and what you did do well and take the positives from this.

Looking forward to goals to achieve gives your life a great structure and determined aim.


With more efficient technological versions now available, you don’t have to always lug that heavy notebook and pen around. Keeping a diary will help you stay organized and can be incorporated with achieving your goals as above.

Making plans that are in your diary become more concrete and trump whimsical agreements you forget to make a date for. Get it booked in and get it done. Writing things down in a diary also helps the brain’s recall function, helping aid memory.


I don’t mean eat salad every day for the rest of your life- make sure your lifestyle is equated to how much, and what you eat.

If you live a fairly sedentary office life, are you always snaking on sugary snacks? Get the chocolate bars out the drawer and replace them with something more sustainable like fruit. This will lead to more stable moods, without the up and down high and lows which sugar fluctuations bring.

Fueling your body with healthy, wholesome foods will also fuel the brain and thoughts. If you can eat your biggest meal early on, this will fuel you for the rest of the day.


Undertaking in a sport or club is beneficial on a variety of ways. Firstly it will help burn off any calories which might be being stored as excess body fats, which can lead to unnecessary strain on the body.

Being part of a team or club is great. Whether it’s part of the morning crew in the gym, a football team or jogging with a friend, undertaking in sports not only is beneficial from a healthy aspect, but in terms of socializing too.

Work/Life Balance

Be sure you aren’t working all the hours under the sun and feeling pressure at work. Times always occur when there are struggles at the workplace, with deadlines or whatever it might be.

Make sure you take time to live, enjoying what you do. Whether it be socializing by having a drink or two, spending time with a partner or loved ones, or having some alone time to catch up with yourself.


If possible at work, try to get involved in a mentor scheme to learn new skills and set directional development. Alternatively you might want to mentor someone yourself.

It doesn’t have to just be a one way relationship. Both parties will learn from this set-up and become more full individuals both personally and working as a team in the workplace together.

Your Own Personality

“If you can’t please yourself, you won’t be able to please others”. Whether you lean toward being an introvert or extrovert may dictate how you like to spend your time.

Some people enjoy alone time, and others have to thrive in social environments with others. Make sure you live a balance of both, but don’t feel pressured into compromising one or the other in your own spare time. It’s your own free time remember?


Are you actually doing something you thoroughly enjoy? Working in a poor environment can lead to depression, after all people are at work for a vast majority of their lives. Make sure you are doing something you enjoy.

If you are unsure on the path you may be down, try something new to get out the doldrums. Doing charitable work may help change your outlook, or undertake work experience for some new opportunities.

Family and Friends

Family and friends can offer you advice, security, fun and are people who know you. Spending time with these people will be enjoyable. This is sometimes the kick-start you need to feeling more mentally focussed.

Help Someone Else

Help restore the balance of Karma in the world by helping someone else. Not only will the said person thoroughly benefit from your help, you will also feel great from your altruistic deed.


Again along the lines of planning and routine, but getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night does wonders.

Sleeping cycles generally happen in periods of 90 minutes, which if woken up mid cycle can lead to a drowsy state and be hard to wake up. Wake up naturally if possible, and get to bed and wake up at the same time to get your cardiac rhythm regulated.

Written by John Phillips, who works at SSLs.com a reseller of SSL certificates from the likes of Comodo, GeoTrust and VeriSign. At SSLs, he mentors interns at the company and organizes team building days.

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