12 Ways to Be More Productive From Home

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Isn’t it everyone’s dream to work from home? You can just roll over in bed, grab your computer and you’re ready to go right? Well it’s not so easy. While working from home does give you that luxury once in awhile overall you actually have to make more of an effort to get things done than if you were going to an office job. It can be very easy to get lazy and be unproductive at home. You have to get organized and stay motivated day in and day out. Here are 12 tips to help you…

Take a shower, shave and get dressed

Get your day rolling right. Don’t sit around unshaven and in pajamas. If you make the effort to get ready and look like you’re headed out to the office you will be more productive. It will not only help you wake up but it will also help you avoid laying down on the couch or getting back into bed for a few.

Most importantly you don’t want to get on an important call and sound like you just rolled out of bed.

Set up a desk

Couches, the kitchen table and the other desk where everyone tosses some stuff are capable places to get your work done. Don’t! Get your own spot. This is your business it should at least have a space dedicated just for business work. Don’t let other papers or clutter into your space.

Head out to a coffee shop

Get out of the home office by hitting local coffee shops or book stores. Its important to put yourself in a social environment by being around people. It will help shake things up and also help your creativity. Working from home is not going to work well if you are sick of your home. Also you never know what you might see on your trip to the coffee shop, it could be the start of your next big idea!

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Use technology

Make use of technology to hold meetings and call clients. Most of what needs to be said and done can be done without meeting face-to-face. You are not getting paid to travel or meet with a client somewhere. That is time lost in your day. While it can be important make sure the task could not have been completed some other way.

Stick to your schedule

Make a comprehensive daily schedule. Know what you should be doing each hour. This will keep you on task and give you goals to reach and complete throughout the day. The best way to do this is to have another person either your partner, friend or maybe just another entrepreneur you know check up on you throughout the day. Keep each other on task by asking if you have completed each goal yet. If not explain why or get back to work!

Take a lunch break

Get away from your desk and actually take a lunch break. Even take other short 15min breaks throughout the day (put them in your schedule). This will help you recharge. It will also give you something to work towards. If you have a set of tasks to do before lunch get them done! Then you will be excited to take that break knowing you just completed everything you had to.

Set start and stop time

Know when you start your day and know when you are supposed to end it. This will let you relax more once your day is done. If you never have an end point and you never fully relax from work to do some personal things it will wear on you over time.

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Keep your bank account balanced and organized

Stay on top of your bank accounts for the business. Make sure its balanced and organized. It is a great motivational task even if it drives you crazy. By seeing your money (or lack of it) it will push you to make more and get down to business.

Have a great chair

Invest some money here. Forget the nice desk. Make sure you have a nice chair. You will be spending a lot of time in it. Unlike an office you can actually pick out whatever chair you want in the world. Make it the best and you will be happier to get to work.

Read everything

Set aside time to read. Reading will help you learn and will spark ideas. Being home alone all day can get boring, tedious or just plain drive you crazy. But if you find some creative papers, blogs, books or whatever to read it will make you forget about all of that. And don’t just read things about your industry. Read some fiction books or magazines about your favorite hobby or sport.

Don’t stop when the going gets tough

Never give up. It can be easy to head over to the couch or get back into bed when you hit a road block or are just having a rough day. You can’t let this happen. If you had a boss or someone next to you that would not happen. You would not have that choice and shouldn’t have it here. Just like anyone you have to push through a bad day and make things happen. You will be happier the next day if you completed your tasks.

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Be grateful you’re at home!

Just think you could be doing an hour long commute every morning on a packed subway car to a cubicle with a crappy chair! But you’re not. You’re building an empire and you’re doing it your way. Not many people can say this so don’t forget how lucky you are.

Now get back to work!

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