5 Business Services to Look For in Your Serviced Office Provider

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office suitesIn most instances, entrepreneurs and small business owners start their businesses out of their homes.  At some point though, there comes a time where a home office is no longer sufficient.  Buying or leasing office space is also out of the question, as most don’t have the necessary funds for furniture, staffing, and office equipment.  Serviced office centers were created to help these small businesses span the gap between their home office and a permanent office property.  Office suites supply there tenants with many of the amenities of a legitimate office space without the hefty price tag, resulting in savings in the thousands.  Many business owners are completely unaware of the business support services that office suites offer.  To help make them aware, I’ve included 5 business services that business owners should look for in an office suites provider.

Personalized Telephone Answering Services

Every missed phone call could potentially mean a lost opportunity for your business.  Personalized telephone answering services are offered by many serviced office centers to help account for these times when answering the phone isn’t a possibility.  In most instances, office suites come standard with a direct business line and secretary, whose sole purpose is to provide the best possible customer service for your clients.  In addition, many offer other caller services like an extra rollover line, voice mail that is accessible from any telephone, call screening, call patching, and remote call forwarding.

High Speed Internet & Support

I think most would agree that a business owner’s time would be better spent managing the day to day operations of his business, rather than troubleshooting technological problems with equipment.  It is always smart to expect the unexpected when it comes to technology.  High speed Internet is almost a given at any office facility these days, but an office rental with access to a trained staff of support professionals to troubleshoot problems is a rarity.  Alas, they do exist and should be held on to tight when found. Videoconferencing is another great feature many office suites now offer, but it too, comes with its associated difficulties.  Bottom line – find a serviced office facility that can help you work more efficiently.

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Dedicated Meeting Rooms

“Do I turn my dining room or my guest bedroom into a conference room?” is not a question that business owners should be asking themselves. Operating your business from home is a great way to save on expenses, but it can create a handful of interesting scenarios, like the one above.  Luckily, most serviced office centers offer dedicated meeting rooms to meet with clients; whether it be on an as-needed or walk-in basis.  Office suite meeting rooms are designed and furnished to project the image of a successful business, even if you are just a start-up.  White boards, office supplies, and audio/visual equipment are all pretty common features.

Mail Receipt

Receiving mail at a home address or mail box number may not be the image you want to project for your company.  Individuals looking for an office suite should consider the credibility of the facility’s address in their decision criteria.  A recognized business address will speak volumes to your credibility, more than an $80 haircut ever could.  Most serviced office centers can help you prepare, package, and even deliver outgoing correspondence and overnight shipments.

Clerical Support

Utilizing an office suite that offers clerical support allows business owners to stay focused on what matters most to them, the bottom line.  Whether you are in need of someone to help prepare for a special presentation, greet each of your guests on arrival, or cater the beverage setup for your meeting, clerical services save you time.

Choosing a serviced office center that does not provide these services is not the end of the world.  The significant cost savings of a renting an office suite compared to a 1-year office lease will likely be enough to keep you from second-guessing your decision.  But when it is crunch time and you are having printing problems with that new business pitch, I’m going to bet you will wish you did more research in choosing a serviced office provider.

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