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Unstoppable Businessman

I get it money and business has been at the driving force of your ambition for a while. Your creative juices are flowing on a regular basis and you feel the need to keep pushing towards that inevitable goal of success.

My question for you is how will you define it?

Power Tip: Spot your vision well ahead of time.

The cars, clothes and all the perks you have dreamed of might be the definition you select for success. Having complete freedom of revenue with continual growth potential of your company may be the other. You may even already know how you will get there from the countless hours of thought working on your blueprint.

Yet, have you really thought about how you will feel? What condition your body and mind will be in? What physical state you will be striving to achieve to be at the top of the game in your profession.

Money can’t get results if you haven’t thought of what you want to see.

Take that to the bank. This also applies to your health.

The Executive Inside Scoop:

I’ve done it and almost any bootstrapping entrepreneur has at one point or another. Skipped meals, workouts, under slept or overworked. The truth is you must sacrifice something. In The Law of Compensation by Robert E. Dreier he explains the theory of getting something for nothing is not possible. A good read.

The point I am making is this, what you intend on sacrificing should not be your health. 


Think about it. Nobody works countless hours to master their craft to say:

“Yes! Finally I made it with high blood pressure, borderline diabetes and a 40 inch waist!”

These can be reversed if you have them already. Furthermore it could be prevented.

I didn’t want to dedicate an entire post to a lecture simply because that would not be fun. So find below a few strategies that you could use immediately to get some serious results. Usually it is the hesitation to act that does not get us to our goals. This could be what you need to do to do something different. Everything counts.

Femi’s 4 point process to impact health and wealth at the same time.

  • Dedicate 3 to 5 hours a week to something active (think of a weight training and/or cardio based program). Your time may be crunched so doing a full body workout routine can save you a lot and get you in shape, fast.  If you are tight, trying to foam roll (click here for an example) and/or going for a massage could make a major difference in how you feel. Honestly, in the end doing something is better than nothing so if you prefer going for hikes do them.
  • Dedicate 15 minutes to some sort of mental prep work or internal reflection. Stress has been known to cause weight gain and reduce productivity overall. By literally mediating and focusing your mind on something or nothing at all can make major differences in your mood and energy levels. Try early morning sessions or late nights. What matters is what works for you.
  • Fuel up the smart way. If you are aware of the type and amount of foods you consume you stand a competitive edge in almost anything. Eating excessive processed foods can be more damaging on your ability to work. Feelings of sluggishness and being bloated may be a few signs that the foods you crave are having a war in your stomach. Swap them with something packed more with nutrients than calories. This likely means eating veggies. They do matter. If you need to break up your meals throughout the day to get enough food in that is not a problem either.
  • Build your power circle. The influence of your social support system as in friends, family and business partners can directly impact the stress you face on a regular basis. Studies have shown that positive support groups have improved recovery time for individuals recovering from major heart ailments.  Stress is a powerful thing.  Monitor it and it will make a difference.

In the end time is one of those things that we cannot save. To me I say use it to invest in multiple areas of your life.

Would you put all your eggs in one basket?

Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you would do, want to do or how you have made a change towards getting some serious results.

Femi Doyle-Marshall is the Founder/Trainer of New Persona, where they specialize in client
health and fitness solutions. The targeted aim is always results.

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