What Many Don’t Understand About Converting Customers Online

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It's not easy to turn traffic into sales. If your business needs a boost, you have to learn about converting customers online. Here's help.

Plenty of business owners complain about their visitors not converting into customers.

Let’s face it. The online world is pretty competitive. You might have an attractive site with high traffic. But if sales are low, none of it would matter.

Naturally, your goal is to increase your sales, not merely have visitors on your website. So what should you do? To convert your customers, you have to understand your customers better.

There’s a lot more to the digital world than you realize. And it’s time to unravel the secret.

Why Visitors Don’t Convert Into Customers

If there’s one thing you need to know about converting customers online, it’s that you must exhibit perfection in every aspect.

Considering the many options your potential customers have, if your website lacks in any aspect, they won’t give you a second chance. Here are some of the things you might be doing wrong.

If your website lacks in any aspect, customers won't give you a second chance.

If your website lacks in any aspect, customers won’t give you a second chance.

Your Website Isn’t Engaging

You have to realize customer experience is an integral part of online experience. You don’t only have to offer products to your customers but also make them feel valued.

Online shoppers prefer those online stores that make them feel appreciated. If your website is too complicated, making navigation challenging, you will end up losing a lot of your customers.

Similarly, customer conversion has a lot to do with the content of your website. The content should be such that it captivates users.

And this includes your social media pages and marketing emails, too. If your content fails to strike a chord with the visitors or persuade them to give you a chance, they won’t be returning anytime soon.

The call to action is equally crucial. Sometimes, visitors don’t convert into customers simply because they don’t like the CTA button. Yes, it happens quite a lot. Therefore, you must create an engaging CTA which will enhance your conversion button.

It’s imperative for an online store to have a support option. Shoppers will inevitably have queries. And if they don’t find a support button, they will dismiss your shop as one that does not care about its customers.

To increase your conversions, make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Who has the time to use the desktop these days? Most people use their smartphones for browsing the internet. And if your website isn’t responsive on mobiles, you can forget about conversions.

Your Website Appears Dubious

The online world is filled with scammers. Hence, eCommerce stores have to put in extra effort to convince their customers of their legitimacy. After all, they have a valid reason to be concerned about their online safety.

It’s your job to guarantee their security and give evidence of the same.

Ensure your website has reliable and standard security icons. This conveys to your visitors that you have taken the required measures to ensure their safety. It makes your business appear credible. Hence, there’s a higher chance of your visitors converting into customers.

Online shoppers also give quite a bit of attention to website designs and security certificates. Know this about converting customers online. You have to convince them that they have no reason to be wary of your website. You’ll need to understand their concerns and take measures to put them at ease if you don’t want them to leave your website without making a purchase.

You have to convince customers that they have no reason to be wary of your website.

You have to convince customers that they have no reason to be wary of your website.

Pinpoint Any Sources of Distraction

It’s pretty common for shoppers to select items for purchase only to give up the whole thing during the checkout process.

Remember, the checkout process is crucial for converting customers.

It’s at this stage that shoppers actually place their orders. Hence, it’s your job to ensure the process is as smooth and convenient as possible for your customers. If the steps are too complicated or there are too many distractions, there’s a high chance your customers will change their minds midway.

Yes, it’s excellent to have an attractive site. But you must not forget about the value of your customers’ convenience either. Avoid having excessive ads on your page or instant popups that will distract your shoppers.

High Shipping Fees

Statistics have proven that people don’t go through with their purchases if they find shipping fees excessively high.

Online shoppers prefer to deal with stores with low or even free shipping. That’s why it’s essential to work with a reputable 3PL storage, warehouse, and shipping company to get affordable services (that you can ultimately pass on to your customers).

They don’t mind the elevated costs of products if the shipping fee is low. However, an inflated shipping fee is bound to annoy them instantly, impacting your conversion rate.

If you are serious about converting customers, offer discounted shipping fees. However, you can raise product costs to compensate for your loss. Surprisingly, customers don’t really mind that!

Reaching Out to the Wrong Target Audience

One of the most significant reasons for a low conversion rate is not reaching out to your target audience.

You have to take several factors into account while designing your marketing strategy. This includes your consumer interests and cultures, among other things.

You have to focus on bringing the right people to your online store if you want to get more conversions. Consequently, by targeting the wrong demographic, you might get more traffic, but it won’t translate into sales.

You might have everything going for your website, from the design to rates and everything else. But it will still not boost your conversion simply because your target audience doesn’t even know about you!

Targeting the wrong demographic might get more traffic, but it won't translate into sales.

Targeting the wrong demographic might get more traffic, but it won’t translate into sales.

Increase Your Conversion Rate and Boost Sales

In conclusion, there’s much you can do to convert your visitors into customers.

Adding a popup to your website and removing unnecessary form fields can work. Additionally, it’s also advisable to include testimonials and reviews of your customers.

Try to minimize distractions on your website and make the whole process smooth and convenient for your customers. Therefore, work on your content and add the feature of live chat for your customers. Don’t forget to keep the shipping fees to a minimum.

Know this about converting customers online; you have to value their time and convenience. Everyone’s in a hurry in the online world. Therefore, you have to deliver the best in the least possible time.

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