Creating an Outdoor Home Office to Improve Mental Health and Productivity

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The pandemic has transformed the way we work, and it seems that CEOs and workers will have to admit that we are now working in a new reality. So, what happened? During the pandemic, many companies switched to remote work, and a growing number of Fortune 500 CEOs are embracing that remote work is here to stay, which is where switching your indoor space to an outdoor home office space may help with this shift.

Of course, this new work arrangement comes with many challenges to tackle. A survey conducted by the American Psychiatric Association showed that views on the mental health of remote workers are mixed. The results are showing that remote work offers benefits. But also that the majority of remote workers experience isolation, loneliness, and difficulty switching off at the end of the day.

While the bulk of regulating remote work is on states and companies, individuals themselves can take positive steps to ensure their physical and mental health needs are met.

One possible solution to tackle the challenges of long-term remote work is creating an outdoor or garden office. A new concept growing in popularity, read on to see how setting up an outdoor home office space can help in overcoming mental health challenges, boosting remote workers’ productivity and overall well-being.

Benefits of a Setting Up a Garden Office

Working in a garden office can greatly improve mental well-being. Just being outside makes us happy! If you have access to outdoor home office space, there are a range of reasons a garden workspace can benefit you.

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1. Provides a Calming Atmosphere and Vitamin D

Surrounding yourself in nature helps reduce stress and improve mood. Research has proven that even 40 seconds of looking at nature can ease your brain into a relaxed state and boost your sense of well-being, improving overall thought clarity.

The open nature of a garden office means you or your employees get fresh air and open space. This encourages creativity and removes the distractions that come with most indoor offices.

Relying on the sun instead of traditional office fluorescent lighting also means your vitamin D levels will thank you. This “happy vitamin” is absorbed directly from the sun and plays a number of important roles including mood regulation and allowing your body to absorb calcium for healthy bones & muscles.

2. Promotes Physical Activity to Reduce Stress and Depression

The American Heart Association recommends around 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week alongside some high-intensity muscle work, and spending time in the garden can help you achieve that goal. Digging, planting, pruning, raking – you’ll burn calories doing all of them.

Whether it’s a quick watering break to reset your mind between work tasks, or a longer weekend task replanting a garden bed – you’ll add some activity to your week in the name of maximizing your office view. Perhaps without even realizing it. While focusing on creating an outdoor home office to improve mental health and productivity, you might also consider incorporating a relaxing home outdoor bar to enhance your outdoor living space.

3. It Can Help Increase Your Overall Wellbeing

You’ll be busy working of course. Yet, the closer to nature makes it easier to incorporate short mental breaks to ensure we don’t lose focus. A walk around in the fresh air is easy when you’re already outside (or a step away from it). So your physical and mental needs are easily met.

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If you choose to grow your own vegetable garden there are even more benefits since a variety of fruits and vegetables are linked to better brain health. Start growing leafy greens and blueberries and enjoy all the benefits of having a garden home office.

4. Your Family Can Enjoy the Garden as Well

Having a garden office in a different style can bring a fresh look to your existing garden. Creating it and maintaining it could prove to be a relaxing way to unwind after a long day.

Americans have a long tradition of creating English country gardens, so consider bringing those elements into your own garden design. Your household will all be reaping the benefits of this new and improved outdoor home office space. So, including family in the design and maintenance can lighten the load while giving you all something to enjoy together.

How to Transform Your Everyday Routine with a Garden Office

More and more home workers are retreating to the garden, transforming their backyards and storage sheds into a workspace.

Engage with natural materials and organic patterns. Allow yourself a clear view of the outdoors. Plus giving yourself exposure to natural daylight patterns can help you increase productivity and promote alertness.

You could build a garden office yourself. Or consider the alternative and purchase a prebuilt garden office or a garden pod.

For winter periods you could consider adding an office/shed combo which would keep you warm. The entrance which leads into your office space and the door here can be bigger and grander. Then the other entrance can always be a smaller door signaling that it is a ‘peripheral’ space. One that leads into your storage shed room.

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If you are still reluctant to build a garden office, adding a few plants around your workspace will also add benefits. No matter what you decide to do, make sure you take some time to adjust your workspace to your needs and reap the benefits.

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Annie Morton is an avid nature lover from rural Australia. After some international adventures, she settled in New York City where she currently works for Hoselink USA.


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