How to Eat Healthy & Stay in Shape When Traveling Abroad

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staying in shape abroad

While I wouldn’t call myself a “seasoned” traveler, I have enough stamps on my passport to fill a couple of pages. From my 2006 study abroad trip to Belgium to a Ugandan volunteer trip, to my trip with Under30Experiences to Nicaragua, I’ve been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of various cultures and ways of life around the world.

During my travels, I’ve noticed various traveler types.  To many people, travel is about lounging on a tropical island beach with a steady flow of drinks. To others, travel is a non-stop itinerary full of bike tours, visiting castles and monuments, and engaging with the locals. And to many people like myself, there’s a combination of both.

I’m pretty sure that for most people, adding extra pounds (except for souvenirs in your suitcase) is probably not in the plan.

Travel is meant to expand your view, not your waistline.  Indulging in cuisine and drinks that you don’t have the opportunity to try at home is part of the experience. But hopefully, that experience doesn’t mandate overdrive at the gym to get back into pre-travel shape.

Besides staying in shape, travel can be tricky if you have a food allergy or sensitivity. (Getting a food sensitivity test before your travel can help.) Whether you want to stay in shape or want to avoid any major health issues, there are some amazing applications and books that can help you stay on target, all with a little indulgence of course.

Take a look at these recommended downloads to make your traveling abroad experience easy-breezy:

Recommended Apps if you have food sensitivities:

· Gluten-Free Passport: Free to $4.99. Great info on restaurants, travel tips, travel language guides, and a variety of gluten-free and food allergy apps.  There are 7 different apps that will help you navigate traveling abroad gluten-free!

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·         GF Card & Celiac Travel: Free. An app and corresponding website that has over 40 card images in various languages that can be shown to the waiter/chef explaining celiac dietary restrictions. No language fumbling and pointing to dishes on the menu for you.

·         Allergy FT: $2.99—Does everyone seem to have a different food allergy? No problem. Download Allergy FT, create individual profiles, check what foods you are allergic to, and voila, an allergy message appears in German, French, or Spanish. Language at your fingertips!

Recommended Apps to Find Healthy Food Nearby:

·         Happy Cow: $2.99—App for vegetarians and vegans on-the-go with an interactive map, popular restaurants, and reviews.

·         Calorie King: Free – iPhone app that contains both menu (200 chain restaurants) and nutrition information for many foods and food products.

Recommended E-Book:

  • The Trim Traveler: How Eat Healthy and Stay Fit While Traveling Abroad: $5.99– Written by Lisa Stollman, a nationally-recognized Registered Dietician, The Trim Traveler includes “swap this-for-that” guides & tables for both international and American cuisine, suggested apps, and information on traditional international foods along with special dietary needs (including gluten-free, vegan, and diabetic).  I learned about many of the apps from this e-book!

What apps or tips do you recommend for the traveler who is also health-conscious?

Carla Blumenthal believes in finding the balance between work, life, and travel. She runs Tea+Purpose, an organization that creates events to help women reconnect with their authentic selves. She is an Under30Experiences traveler. 

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