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Hey guys, as most of you know by now, my mission is to help young people build strong foundations for their lives.

What we learn in school, memorizing all those facts, are the basics for academics… but the truth is, our education system doesn’t have a lot of bearing on how well we will do in life, or what we’ll achieve…

If what we are trying to do is to get approval from others by way of shiny pieces of paper that tell us we are smart, then the system is designed nicely for people who memorize facts well.  But for the rest of us, school was about doing a lot of work, but never really producing anything.

The point is: at Under30CEO we teach you how to produce.

So if you want to build a strong foundation for your life, learn to manage your finances, become healthier and happier, and actually produce something at the end of the day…?

How to Get What You Want

In my quest to get what I want out of life (happiness, adventure, wealth, strong relationships, low stress, and to build something that I can be really proud of) I’ve consumed just about every piece of personal development program I can get my hands on and I’ve realized that most of what I want can be unlocked by using more of my brain…

I’d heard of the Silva Method for years and finally had the chance to study the program.

What I learned:

  • How to use new parts of my brain including alpha and theta levels
  • How to meditate and clear my mind with my eyes open at any part of the day
  • How to use sleep for problem solving and healing with some simple exercises before bed
  • How to calm myself when my fight or flight response kicks in over something stupid
  • How to tap into the creative parts of my brain using a 3,2,1 countdown that puts me into a more productive state
  • How to use exercises to help me listen to my intuition

So how is this going to help us get what we want?

Laura Silva, whose father invented the Silva Method, taught me this simple formula:

Desire + Belief + Expectancy = Faith

Now I know you might be thinking–Faith?! oh no, he better not start talking about Jesus…

No, what I’m talking about is faith that you will get what you want.


When you break down the formula… What you need is desire to reach your goal.  If you want an amazing apartment, to take a trip around the world, drive a 2015 model Benz, or to get into beach body shape, you better REALLY want it.

Next time you blow money on something stupid, eat like shit, or watch TV instead of doing work, you can think to yourself, “hmm… I guess I didn’t really desire it that bad…”


Next, you need strong belief.  Meaning, a strong belief in yourself that you are going to be able to achieve these things.  If you don’t believe that you can abstain from junk food, be fiscally responsive enough to save for that trip, or have the willpower to get to the gym, then your belief system isn’t strong enough.

The Silva Method was awesome for this, because it helped me clear my mind of all those limiting beliefs.  It replaces those thoughts by almost hypnotizing you to believe that you are going to get what you want or better.

Ever meet that person that says, “I always get what I want.”   No matter what, this person almost always does because they believe it.


Now that you desire what you want in the worst way and whole heartedly believe in every ounce of your body that you are going to get what you want, you need to start expecting it.

The psychology behind this is pretty amazing.  Still aiming to take that trip, achieve that beach body, and drive that Benz?

Since you absolutely expect that these things are going to happen, why not go out and buy some new clothes for the body you are going to have in the future?  You better clean out your garage for the car you are going to buy, get that guidebook and start your travel blog even before you have these things.  The point here is that if you expect your goal to become a reality, why wouldn’t you start preparing?

Now, I’m not suggesting that to become delusional and talks about his Netjets membership because in 20 years he expects to have a private jet… I’m talking about little psychology tricks that are going to motivate you.

Now look, the above was my own take on why the psychology in what they teach in the Silva Method works, but if you want the real deal, you are going to have to try it yourself.

Six million people have gone through the program, including CEOs, Olympic athletes, and people who work for NASA, so don’t just take my word for it.  I learned to use more of my brain to be more creative, get rid of stress, and focus better.

Check out the free course I found out about here.

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Matt Wilson is Co-Founder of Under30Experiences, a travel company for young people ages 21-35. He is the original Co-founder of Under30CEO (Acquired 2016). Matt is the Host of the Live Different Podcast and has 50+ Five Star iTunes Ratings on Health, Fitness, Business and Travel. He brings a unique, uncensored approach to his interviews and writing. His work is published on, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Huffington Post, Reuters, and many others. Matt hosts yoga and fitness retreats in his free time and buys all his food from an organic farm in the jungle of Costa Rica where he lives. He is a shareholder of the Green Bay Packers.

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