How Mixed Martial Arts Can Save Your Business

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 Mixed Martial Arts

To all those that do not know, mixed martial arts features the disciplines from several martial arts and combines them into one sport, to put it briefly. Now, most would not even think to compare the worlds of an entrepreneur and mixed martial artist, some may even argue that the sport could cause a hindrance to a business. Well, those people are completely incorrect, mixed martial arts would not only support the success of your business but also your success in life. Although the connections may not be obvious to most, even to those who are doing it, regular training in MMA will help your business, here are just a few of the reasons.

Exercise & Fitness

Unless you are lucky enough to own a business which has you up on your feet day in day out, it is likely you are a desk dweller, similar to all others in the corporate world, content sitting on a chair all day, before returning home to sit on more chairs and finally concluding your day by lying on a bed. If this is your routine, it shouldn’t be. Everyone has their own reasons for not exercising, be it cost, time, lack of motivation or simply not knowing what to do. An MMA class covers all of those areas; reasonably priced, direct coaching from an experienced instructor, motivation from other members and each class generally only being an hour long. Regular attendance at these classes will have you feeling rejuvenated and full of energy, awakening with a readiness to complete all task in front of you. Also, who doesn’t mind getting a bit of abs?

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Competitiveness & Determination

In the world of business it’s all about being better than your competitor, asking yourself “what can I do to beat them?”, but sometimes you lose your edge, succumb to the fact that you will always be second best in the market. This should never be the case, you should always be motivated to try and reach the number one spot. And nothing will increase this competitive drive more than mixed martial arts. The entire sport is a competition, putting you in situations where you have to beat your opponent, not only physically but mentally, showing that you have no sign of quit and are prepared for anything they can throw at you. This is where the determination ties in, if you are hell bent on winning, you cannot be beaten.  It is this that will make you better than your competitor.


To all those thinking that mixed martial arts will be the parent-like figure they need to stop them from eating that fifth piece of chocolate cake, you’re adults now, and MMA isn’t a miracle working sport. But, through practicing MMA it is only natural that you would want to improve, and improvement can only come through methodical practice and dedication to the sport. Not necessarily time consuming but efficient nonetheless. To do this a vast amount of discipline is needed, it’s easy to quit, which is why most choose to do so. However to methodically practice something until it is perfect takes discipline. Discipline which you could then transfer to your business, implementing the same methodical determination toward the acquiring clients or whatever it may be that leads to the businesses success.

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With this being a minute amount of the reasons, why a CEO should take up mixed martial arts, all I have to say is, give it a try. You will not regret it.

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