Targeting Homeowners on Facebook: Pointers on Overall Strategy

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Founded for students only, today you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who does not use Facebook, but targeting homeowners here can be tricky.

Targeting homeowners on social media can prove to be something of a formidable task. Which platform? What time of day? Why are homeowners typically on social media in the first place?

Despite plenty of negative news coverage, Facebook is still a widely used platform. Almost everyone you want to reach uses it, even if only occasionally. All around the world, it’s becoming quite rare to find someone who never uses this social media platform.

Millions of people across the globe are connecting on Facebook on a daily basis. That being the case, Facebook brings with it a huge amount of potential and opportunities for business owners to market their brand successfully. If you’re trying to learn how to target homeowners on Facebook, the ideas presented below should at least help you get started.

There are several ways to market your brand or business on Facebook, deliver your message to an impressive number of viewers, and convert social media users to customers. But what if you are trying to target a specific audience? Or people in a specific geographic location? Is this even possible?

The short answer is “Yes, it’s possible.”

Undoubtedly you’ve been exposed to at least some Facebook advertising. Perhaps you’ve even noticed Facebook ads for small businesses in your local community. Hyper-focused ads such as those can help you reach out to your desired audience within a short period of time, too. Investing blindly in Facebook ads is not the way to go. You’ll need to know the basics and have a little insight into getting started so that you can place your ads where they are likely to be most effective.

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Targeting Homeowners with Ads Can Be a Deal Maker…or Deal Breaker

The key to success for any well-developed ad campaign is targeting the right audience, at the right time, and in the right location. You might face different issues with Facebook ads but you must manage your targeting well above all else. If your targeting is off, your ad campaign won’t prove as successful as you’d like it to be.

So how do you make ad purchases with a high degree of confidence? How do you target homeowners — or any other specific audience on Facebook — and help guarantee that your ads prove beneficial? Consider the following three criteria.

Targeting Homeowners Requires Detailed Demographics

When setting up an ad for your Facebook page, the first questions you must answer will be related to your target market. You’ll need to set the preferred age, gender, and location you are aiming for.

Perhaps the biggest mistake people make while answering these inquiries is that they do not narrow down these three options.

If you blindly set the three criteria according to your basic requirements, you will in effect be reaching out to an endless audience. If your ad is communicating with people in the 18 to 65 age range, you can break down that audience into two ads. Narrow down your age limit to 18-25 or 18-30 for one ad and target the remaining age groups with another.

Search for the Most-Promising Consumers

Start off by looking for people who are already in dire need of a product or service such as yours. Facebook is able to gauge willingness to buy a product and will show that to a pre-qualified user more often.

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Given such a wide range of consumers to target, it can be tempting to over-reach. But do your research well and it will help you avoid this rookie mistake. Facebook will help you identify your ideal customers. These are the people you need to reach as they are already looking for what you are selling. What else could a small business owner ask for?

Target Home Ownership

If you are looking to target homeowners, then filtering out other audiences represents an essential strategy for you. Since Facebook allows you to target users based on whether they own their home or rent, filtering out renters is a no-brainer.

You can also narrow down your audience by sifting the research down to whether the user bought a home before or are a first-time homebuyer. You can also choose home types by price range, if that better serves your needs. The point being, Facebook offers a lot of options. If you’re a realtor, running ads on Facebook can quickly bring in a lot of highly-filtered potential customers.


Social media is very powerful for influencing purchasing decisions. With each passing day, your small business has new opportunities to maximize its ad dollars.

Of course, it’s best to learn more about Facebook ads before you start spending. You’ll want to make sure that you’re able to design your targeting very specifically. If your targeting is right, your ads can realize impressive outcomes. You’ll feel the difference proper targeting can make. Scheduling your ads carefully and being specific about your intended audience can make all the difference.

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