What One Tech Company Is Doing To Improve Men’s Sexual Health

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Every man experiences a natural decline in blood flow below the belt as they get older. As a result, 70% of men experience ED by age 70, but it can strike much earlier in life (40% by age 40), according to findings in multiple studies (UCLA Medical).

The traditional answer — supported by millions of dollars in advertising — is to wait until there’s a problem, and then ask for a prescription to a pill that was invented in the 90’s — or suffer in silence to avoid an awkward conversation.

But these pills have their drawbacks, including potential side effects and reduced effectiveness over time. In fact, within two years, many men find that they no longer work (Case Study).

Today, a multi-million dollar startup is shaking up the industry by introducing technology that uses powerful, targeted soundwaves to help men of all ages maintain and restore blood flow to the penis.

“When we talk to guys about this life-changing technology, I’ve found that our biggest hurdle is education. Most men were never taught in school about blood flow below the belt, or how it naturally declines with age. Studies show that if men properly manage their blood flow as they get older, we could cut the rate of ED by more than 50%.”
— James Lang, Director of Customer Experience for The Phoenix

Low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy (Li-ESWT) uses powerful, targeted soundwaves over the course of multiple treatments to safely eliminate plaque and encourage the growth of new blood vessels.

The Phoenix delivers Li-ESWT, a clinically proven therapy, at home for the first time.

Thanks to a decade of research by urologists, there’s a much better solution that avoids the sometimes scary side effects associated with pills, injections, or surgery.

Low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy (Li-ESWT) uses powerful, targeted soundwaves over the course of multiple treatments to safely eliminate plaque and encourage the growth of new blood vessels.

“For the majority of men dealing with ED, it’s a matter of poor blood flow. Pills can temporarily increase the flow to hide the symptoms, but Li-ESWT treatments actually fix the problem. It’s like clearing the traffic jam and adding more lanes of travel. There’s nothing else like it, and it works for 85% of men who complete the 120-day protocol.”
— Dr. Paul Thompson, Urologist, Surgeon and Chief Medical Officer for The Phoenix

Why are guys just finding out about Li-ESWT?

Before The Phoenix, Li-ESWT was only offered in a select number of clinics around the world. It’s become more popular as urologists continue to innovate and witness success in their offices, but it’s not covered by insurance.

The average treatment in a clinic costs $500, with most men needing at least 6-12 treatments. Taking time off for repeated appointments and forking over thousands of dollars are barriers for most men.

Doctors turn to pills because (in the short-term) they’re more affordable and covered by insurance. However, this is rapidly changing as new technology makes Li-ESWT much more affordable and convenient.

Also, to experience the maximum benefit from Li-ESWT, men need to monitor their entire health picture. For example, if someone has poorly managed diabetes or uncontrolled high blood pressure, the impact of those diseases can make it difficult to experience the full benefit of these treatments.

The Phoenix is bringing this game-changing technology home for the first time.

The Phoenix is an exciting medical device because it gives every man in the United States access to this technology in a much more affordable and convenient way. Plus, guys can find out if they’re a good candidate by completing a three-minute assessment on their site.

Men can order The Phoenix online and have it discreetly delivered to their door. MSRP is $879 and delivery is free to any U.S. address. They’re currently laying the groundwork for international deliveries, but for now, it’s only available in the U.S.

The 60-day home trial allows men to get hands-on experience and decide if this technology is right for them. Some men do experience improvement in the first 60 days. However, it’s important to remember that the entire treatment protocol takes 120 days to see maximum benefit.

Easy-to-follow video tutorials and smart guidance technology make it easy to perform self-treatments, even without medical training. If men have questions, they can call seven days a week during normal business hours. They can also chat 24/7 with an expert online.

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