What is the Steve Jobs Outfit and What it Means?

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The Thought Process Of Steve Jobs Outfit

A lot of people think entrepreneurs and businessmen are least interested in fashion. They don’t think much about their clothes or looks. But then, why is Steve Jobs outfit such a thing? There’s very little chance that you haven’t noticed Steve Jobs wearing the same style of clothes forever.

As he has famously said, by selecting a uniform for himself, he has ensured that he has one less decision to make daily. Of course, when there are millions at stake, who has the time to ponder on their wardrobe daily, right?

So what’s exactly the Steve Jobs outfit? The Apple executive was sported wearing black turtlenecks, Levi’s 501®s classic fit jeans, and sneakers for decades. Indeed, this was undoubtedly a pretty simple and modest look. But do you think that this look for randomly selected? Definitely not! This was a deliberate decision!

Digging Deep into the Steve Jobs Outfit

Very few people know that this look wasn’t invented by Steve Jobs. He got a famous Japanese designer and stylish Issey Miyake on board for this purpose. He had pretty standard requirements. Jobs wanted a uniform that would be simple and wouldn’t distract him from work. At the same time, he wanted to ensure that colleagues, partners, and potential buyers, too, won’t be distracted by it.

But this wasn’t the only reason. Jobs also wanted to stand apart from the competition. Typically, the corporate world ensures that its presentations are conducted in classic suits. Steve Jobs wanted to break the conventions with his outfit. And also give a clear message that, like him, his products too are different from everything else available on the market. The Steve Jobs outfit also did wonders for drawing attention to the company.

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And to top it all, no one can forget this style. Even decades later, people still remember Steve Jobs outfit perfectly!

The Thought Process of Steve Jobs Outfit

steve jobs outfit

A lot of people think Steve did not think much about his outfit. But they couldn’t be more wrong. Indeed, the reason he selected this look for every day implies that it resonated well with his personality. He never felt the need to experiment.

Yes, people do want to try something different with their looks. However, no one can deny selecting clothes every morning can be quite a task. And no matter how much someone says that they don’t care about fashion, the truth is everyone wants to look good and presentable. Everyone thinks about what they want to wear.

And this is why the Steve Jobs outfit is a masterstroke. So what did Issey Miyake think when coming up with this look for the Apple executive?

He selected a black turtleneck as it was universal and appropriate for every situation. Hence, Steve had numerous black turtlenecks in his wardrobe. He didn’t have to think every morning about what he had to wear. He simply took out a clean black turtleneck and was done.

Issey Miyake paired the shirts with Levi’s jeans in blue or light blue color. They weren’t only comfortable but also convenient since they didn’t wrinkle, unlike trousers.

And finally, he finished the look with gray sneakers by New Balance. They suited Steve’s image pretty well.

The Evolution of Steve Jobs Outfit

Although this is the look people most remember, this isn’t always how Steve dressed. He selected this look for his daily life by the end of the 1990s. Prior to that, as he wanted to be taken seriously by investors and the public alike, he dressed conservatively.

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high school pic Steve Jobs

For instance, for the cover of 1984 April Macworld magazine, he wore a white shirt with a brown tie and light gray slim-fit pinstriped jacket. Steve Jobs always made it a point to dress well in expensive suits when meeting with creditors. Yes, it’s pretty clear that Steve Jobs understood the role clothes played in making an impression.

Personality Traits Depicted Through the Steve Jobs Outfit

By now, it’s clear that Steve Jobs selected his look after careful consideration and with clear goals. So what does this tell you about his personality? Here’s a little insight.


It’s seen that people with high intellect or those who are artistic prefer dressing plainly. And this is precisely what Steve Jobs did. The reason is actually pretty simple. These people have so much on their minds that they don’t want their outfits to be a distraction.


Steve did not believe in formalities. He was always more into substance. Hence, he did not like calculated presentations. He wanted people to talk freely. Steve did not like PowerPoint presentations. And this trait is evident from his look too. While he always made it a point to dress neatly, he was never immaculate.


Yes, Steve Jobs had the ability to captivate an audience with what he had to say about his products. But he wasn’t a big fan of having too many people around him. And you can guess this from his minimalist outfit too.

Dress to Impress: The Goal for Everyone

Clothes aren’t only about fashion. It’s not always about looking good. You can use your attire to convey a message or stand apart from the rest. Indeed, there’s a lot you can change about people’s perception of yourself with the way you dress.

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But you have to be unique. Wear clothes that suit your personality, and they will become your trademark, not unlike the Steve Jobs outfit!

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