How To Market Your Company With 5 Simple Videos

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Regardless of what type of company you have, or what type of product you’re selling, there are always online videos that can be used to up your marketing and sales. Here to help us is Producer/Director, Jon Hyatt. Jon is currently Producing/Directing a reality show in Boston called Making Moves.

“Every company can affordably increase marketing and sales with the help of online videos.” Hyatt says, “Nowadays more companies are starting to see the advantage to having online videos right on their website or Facebook pages.” Now, of course each company would want certain style video(s) catered to what they sell or who they are but there are certain style videos that can be used to help any company. Let’s take a look at Hyatt’s list of video’s companies can use to raise marketing and or sales.


Most companies, especially smaller ones think a commercial is too expensive for them. I mean, you first need to hire someone who will come in and do the commercial but then normally you’d need to buy up air time on all the local television networks and that all adds up. Now more and more companies are seeing the advantage of social media, and online presence. You can showcase your commercial right on your website, or even your Facebook page. If you don’t have a Facebook page yet, I suggest you get one.

Bio Video

Let your client or customer see and get to know you before they even meet you. It’ll make your clients/customers much more comfortable with doing business with you rather than a stranger. Again, a video like this is perfect for your online presence.

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Promotional/Awareness Video

This style video is similar to a commercial, but instead of say, .30 seconds this video is typically between 2-3 minutes. Really show your prospective clients/customers what it is you can offer them.

How To

Videos should generally be kept short and sweet. You want to offer your client or customer a quick, simple way to do what you do but without giving away all your secrets. Enough to show them they’ll need your help to go any further than just the basics. Clients/customers can really relate if they have a better understanding of what it is you do, and how complicated it is.

Client Testimonials

Are great ways to showcase your reputation to future clients/customers without having to come out and tell them yourself. Getting a handful of your close clients to participate in a short video, saying how great your company and services were can go a long way in the online world.

Of course there are many, many different styles of videos that can help your company. These are just a few that almost every company can use and do. Depending on what industry you’re in or what services you offer there are a lot of videos that can be done to help increase sales and marketing for your company. Social media is changing the way we all do business and now online videos can be used as a form of marketing in replace of big money companies or strategies.

Jon Hyatt is a 22 year old Producer/Director based out of Boston, MA who’s work has been featured around the Country. 

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