Hannah Shippen: Empowering Youth Through Mental Health Awareness

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The success of any startup is generally measured by the business’s growth or profit margins. There’s no doubt that both are key to long-term business sustainability. However, it’s actually the company’s beliefs and commitment to core values that make all the difference. These values serve as the prime motivation behind all business operations.

In other words, without a clear set of goals and passion for one’s work, it’s difficult to build and maintain a successful business. Few recognize the importance of having the right motivation better than Hannah Shippen.

Hannah Shippen, founder and host of the "Let's Get Cozy" podcast.

Hannah Shippen, founder and host of the “Let’s Get Cozy” podcast.

Shippen is a talented content creator and media marketing specialist. The Covid-19 pandemic had an undeniably damaging impact on mental health and Shippen decided she wanted to help. She decided to start a mental health podcast entitled Let’s Get Cozy. Shippen uses her new platform to raise awareness about the importance of mental health awareness and well-being.

To reach a wider audience — and help more people — Shippen recently partnered with Success Financial Team, an online business service provider. The partnership has served to increase her company’s overall impact.

Digital tools help serve the greater good.

It’s no secret that many brands these days turn to business consulting companies. Most seek advice on how to maximize their business potential. It almost doesn’t matter whether brands hope to grow their brand or reach a wider demographic. Over the past few years, it has become increasingly important for businesses to team up with consultants. The right experts can help brands pursue and achieve their goals.

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Shippen’s Let’s Get Cozy podcast is no exception. She recently started working with Success Financial Team, a top business consulting company. She hopes to spread awareness and grow her business to help more people. Her podcast has achieved success and established itself as an example for other small businesses.

While not even the best business consultant in the world can 100% guarantee business success, Success Financial LLC emphasizes that the right values and meaning behind a business’s work are often the cornerstone for success.

Shippen launched her mental health awareness podcast in the midst of a pandemic. She uses it to offer hope to people dealing with anxiety, depression, or other mental health struggles. Many of these came about as a result of uncertainty and fear plus the added social restrictions of lockdowns.

Hosted by Shippen and her best friend Brielle Poulter, podcast episodes strive to offer positivity. They encourage their listeners to recognize the necessity of paying close attention to mental well-being through entertaining content. From therapy to body image, the Let’s Get Cozy podcast is filled with powerful and captivating stories designed to encourage people to take time to heal.

Why stop at just a podcast?

Along with her podcast, Shippen has also personally designed a line of clothing. Her clothes are focused on empowering individuals through important messages that bring attention to mental health. Clothing is available for purchase on the official website. All proceeds are donated to mental health organizations and hotlines.

Shippen believes that mental health and increased mindfulness about these issues are worth the recognition. After all, they impact every aspect of people’s daily lives. Shippen works hard to provide resources that make a real difference.

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It was the vision of the founder and her sense of purpose that enabled the Success Financial Team to help Shippen grow her business. They provided the needed guidance and helped with her messaging and branding to make a dent in the online world.

The Success Financial Team part-by-part and goal-oriented processes helped Shippen reach more people in need and spread her message. “Not everybody is able to achieve such amazing results. While it’s not typical when someone is doing something meaningful for good and to help others, it’s worth recognizing. As our client, Hannah Shippen couldn’t be happier with the results we were able to achieve together, and we are truly excited to see her business flourish,” explained a representative from Success Financial Team.

The entire team at Success Financial LLC believes in the importance of Shippen’s work. They fully support her business efforts as they themselves also feel that raising awareness about mental health is an important mission in our post-pandemic society.

Check it out!

Shippen’s Let’s Get Cozy podcast is available on 11 streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. For more information, questions, or suggestions, send an email to letsgetcozypod@gmail.com.

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