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It’s a mindset elite professionals practice and perfect throughout their careers to rise to the top.

Like the star athlete who sweats an extra hour in the gym when others are fast asleep.  Like the CEO who tirelessly improves strategem when everyone has left the office.

It’s the difference between leaders who motivate their team to victory and those who struggle and whine when things go awray.

Being in a winning position is one of the greatest highs you can acheive; adrenaline pumping through your veins and pride bursting through your chest.  The win becomes even more meaningful if it was harder or more ferociously fought.

In business, a big win might mean landing a new account, hiring new team members or exceeding quarterly projections. The reality, though, is that your team might not see you as a winner.  No matter how much you want “it”, you can’t carry the team to victory with your expertise alone.  Without the winning confidence from your peers, you could be left just short of the goal line.

As a leader it’s an unspoken truth that all eyes are on you at work. What’s surprising is that your team forms opinions about your winning abilities by looking outside of the office.

Recent research from the Center for Creative Leadership says leaders who exercise regularly were rated significantly higher by their bosses, peers and direct reports on their leadership effectiveness and winning abilities than those who don’t.

Sure, you know you SHOULD be exercising.  If you exercise already you know you SHOULD be consistent.

The benefits of exercise for leaders are vast: exercise improves mental clarity, focus and cognitive functions.  And, let’s face it, makes your butt look damn good in your favorite jeans.

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When it comes to exercise (or life for that matter) excuses are a waste of time; its energy and ego that could be better served making positive steps forward.  In as little as 15 minutes, you can reap the benefits of exercise.  So it stands to reason that there is no excuse when it comes to fitting workouts into your busy life. Its effort that not only pays back in increased productivity, but can also solidify your position as leader of the pack.

How to Create (and stick to) a 15 Minute No Excuses Workout Routine

1. Be Consistent

Schedule your workout as if it was THE MOST important meeting of your day. Block out time on your shared work calendar or, easier yet, wake up 15 minutes early to kick-start your day with a workout.

2. Choose Purposeful Movements

Tiger Woods doesn’t bench press 250 pounds. He lifts sub-maximal weights, doing 25 to 50 repetitions because endurance is his purpose.  Most likely with your long hours and marathon brain-storming sessions, endurance will be your main purpose too.

3. Train Intensely, With Focus

At work you probably spend (at least) 15 minutes looking at funny YouTube videos or spying on your Exes Facebook page. When you exercise for 15 minutes there are no distractions. Focus on the working muscles and drive every bit of effort you have into creating perfect form and movement.

4. No Gym Required

Road warrior or not, creating a no-equipment 15 minute workout regimen is crucial. Not having access to a gym isn’t an excuse to brush off  your workout, EVER! Choose body-weight exercises (push-ups, squats, core work) you can do anywhere.

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Need some guidance to customize your own “No Excuses” Workout ?  I put one together just for you.  Join me in this “No Excuses: Alpha-Leaders Endurance Workout” video.

Jill Tomich is the CEO of Boston’s largest outdoor fitness company Ultimate Bootcamp and has helped literally thousands of people shred fat and lose weight. This former gymnast and fitness competitor was recently honored as Massachusett’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Small Business Association. 

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